Tony Desouza & Pete the Greek one arm jiu jitsu choke

2 One Armed Chokes Off The Armlock by Tony Desouza & Pete The Greek Rio Jiu Jitsu

Tony Desouza developed his own style of Jiu Jitsu called Cholitzu.  Tony is the highest ranking US Wrestler who is also a competitive BJJ Black Belt.

Here Tony is seen in Peru with Carlson Gracie Jr Black Belt Pete The Greek Letsos. Tony and Pete are trading moves back and forth with chokes off the arm lock when your opponent escapes and sits up.

Tony developed his own style of wrestle jitsu that we captured on his instructional DVDs call Cholitzu.

Tony Desouza Cholitzu DVD


He is known as the innovator of the Peruvian Neck Tie Choke, the head butt guard jump defense and his own style of the twister Eddie Bravo does.

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Pete the Greek can be found creating BJJ Movement drills at any time at his gym Rio Jiu Jitsu in Chicago.

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