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The Pan Americans of Submission Grappling took place on June 3rd in Long Beach, and marked another consistently action packed and well run tournament! THe highlight was the Team 555 Challenge. 555 Challenge Quick Results The first edition of the 555 Challenge took place yesterday at the Pan Americans of Submission Grappling. In the 555 Challenge teams of 3 competitors stepped up to a random draw event, the only criteria being the team must weigh less than 555 pounds combined. As fate would have it this day, five teams stepped up to the challenge. The first two teams drawn for the hat were Team Showtime (Jason Brudvick, Joey Delgado, and Joseph Guttierez) vs Team Bullet (Robert Breslin, Jared Nathanson, and Jimmy Tang) . The action got started fast with Joey Delgado for Team Showtime submitting Robert Breslin of team bullet by rear naked choke in about 36 seconds. Team Bullet answered quickly, with Jared Nathanson submitting Joseph Guttierez by Kimura in 16 seconds! This set up a showdown between ADCC veteran Jason Brudvick of Team Showtime and Jimmy Tang of Team Bullet. Jimmy fought valiently to keep Team Bullet advancing, but eventually fell to a Darce from Jason at 2’48 into the match. The division was to four teams now, and the next two teams drawn were Team OTM vs Team Cleber BJJ. Team Cleber consisted of Chewy, Bill Tetsch and Asa Fuller, and these men have been friends and training partners for years. Team OTM was a high powered team of Bill Cooper, Chris Moriarty and Sean Aperson, who threw in at the lost possible second because they were excited about the team concept, but didn’t have enough teammates from their respective acadamies to advance (Their orginal idea for a team name was Team Gumby, but I switched them quickly). In the first match, it took Bill Cooper in overtime to secure points in sudden death against Chewy. There was a bit of controversy in the regulation because Chewy has initially been awarded points for a takedown, but they were quickly rescinded by the referee. No one can deny it was a tough match. Because of the random draw, Team Cleber’s smallest competitor in Bill Tetch met Team OTM’s largest competitor in Chris Moriarty, and although Bill fought gamely despite giving up 50 pounds, Moriarty eventually locked on an armbar from guard at 3:57. Although his team could not advance, Asa Fuller fought hard against Sean Aperson, however while aggressive seeking an ankle lock Asa was forced to tap to a heelhook counter from Sean Aperson at 4:03. Team USA BJJ consisting of David Cryer, Richard Legue and Richard Murray took the mat against Team Showtime next. Team USA BJJ came in as underdogs to this tournament, determined to test themselves despite all competitors having about a year of experience and normally competing in the beginner divisions. THey came to fight however, and in the first match David Cryer passed Joey Delgado’s guard to win by 3 in a fast paced match. Joseph Guitterez tied the scoe at one each by submitting Richard Legere by armbar at 4’54 in another war. Experience was the deciding factor in the final bout however as Jason Brudvick submitted Richard Murray with a shoulder lock from the guard 34 seconds into the match. This set up the final showdown between Team Showtime and Team OTM. The first match up was destined to be one of the best clashes of the day, with Jason Brudvick taking on Chris Moriarty. Unfortunately, Jason dislocated his elbow defending a takedown from Chris who won by medical default. Bill Cooper fought a tough Jason Delgado and caught him with a Head and Arm Choke for the victory. Team OTM was now up 2-0 and there was nothing but pride on the line for the third match, and Sean Apperson defeated Joseph Guttuirez 7-2 in a slobberknocker to keep Team OTM perfect for the day. Team OTM winds the first 555 challenge. Everyone seemed pleased with the team concept of the event, along with the truly random draws made for a great event.

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