A Holiday Present That Packs a Nice Punch: Three MMA Events from around the World Streamed Live at ProElite.com

A Holiday Present That Packs a Nice Punch: Three MMA Events from around the World Streamed Live at ProElite.com

Buy Two, Get One Free

LOS ANGELES–Nov. 27, 2007–Looking for a holiday gift that packsa nice punch without hurting your wallet?

During the month of December, three top Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)events will be streamed live on pay-per-view at ProElite.com, theworld’s premier MMA social networking and entertainment Web site.

It all begins live from London December 1 when EliteXC presents”Cage Rage 24: Feel the Pain” featuring Murilo “Ninja” Rua versusXavier “Professor X” Foupa Pokam. The excitement then crosses theAtlantic and heads to Sao Paulo, Brazil December 6 for “Fury FightChampionships 5,” bringing four top fighters together all vying forthe 183-pound tourney title. In need of a little Aloha spirit? Thenjoin us live from Honolulu, Hawaii December 15 when EliteXC presents”ICON Sport Fearless” featuring “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler againstHawaii’s own Kala Kolohe Hose.

“There are few gifts out there that provide stellar entertainmentand great value, and this is one gift for MMA fans that offers thebest of both worlds,” said Kelly Perdew, president of ProElite.com.”We are bringing together some of the best MMA fighters around theglobe and giving fans a front row seat to all of the action lendingcredence to our ongoing global strategy to build MMA as the next greatsport.”

“Fans deserve to be able to watch three full MMA events forsignificantly less than the cost of our competitor’s pay-per-viewprogramming. And we are featuring every single fight on the card, notjust the main event,” Perdew added.

“This probably is the most inexpensive way to visit Brazil in themiddle of December and watch some of the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsufighters go head-to-head in the same cage,” said Gilberto Faria,international director and partner of Giant Sport Entertainment, theproducer of Fury Fight Championships (FFC) in Brazil. “VisitProElite.com and be a part of the first Brazilian MMA event ever to beshown transcontinental!”

MMA fans can either purchase each event for $12.95 or all threefor $24.95 by visiting www.proelite.com/mma.

About ProElite, Inc. (www.proeliteinc.com)

ProElite, Inc. delivers the most exciting entertainment experiencein the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) with live arena-basedentertainment events, cable television programming on ShowtimeNetworks and community-driven interactive broadband entertainment viathe Internet. ProElite embraces MMA with the highest levels of honor,integrity, discipline and self-esteem, all the while remaininginclusive for fighters, fans and schools. ProElite’s live fightdivision, EliteXC, delivers spectacular live MMA fight events thatshowcase the world’s top fighters (elitexc.com). ProElite’sinteractive business, ProElite.com, capitalizes on the growingpopularity of the sport of mixed martial arts by building a communityof mixed martial arts enthusiasts. In addition to streaming the mostexciting live fights to the web, ProElite expands the fan base of thesport by providing a comprehensive set of online social networkingtools for fans, fighters and organizations. ProElite.com – Empoweringthe Fight Community(TM).

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