Amaury Bitteti interview

This Article originally appeared on The entire archive of information is now available on OntheMat.comFrom O’Tatami magazine (Brazil)

This interview took place after Bitteti’s loss to Don Frye in UFC 9 (May 1996).

OTHow do you feel after winning the world title for the second time?ABI feel very good, after all I’ve trained for that.

OTWho are the best jiu-Jitsu fighters of the present time?ABFábio Gurgel, Libório, Zé Mário [Sperry], Murilo [Bustamante]. On the lighter guys there’s Royler, Robinho, who is excellent, Marcus da Matta, who is my brother … there’s a lot.

OTWhat about Vale-Tudo? Who do you prefer?ABI like Vitor’s style. He’s got the disposition, he goes to decide. He doesn’t wait for the opponent, he goes for it and take care of the situation.

OTDo you intend to go back to the Ultimate?ABI do. I want to fight until 90 Kg (200 lbs). Maybe in December. Vitinho and Wanderley, who is my manager, are checking this out for me.

OTWhat do you think about the guys on this category? Like Kevin Jackson, for example.ABKevin Jackson is very good, he beat John Lober. It’s gonna be a good fight. The best is Jackson and Bohlander.

OTYou got tired fast on the fight against Don Frye. What did you think about that combat?ABIt’s a great fight. After all, even tired, I never quit attacking. Even tired, I went for it. Or I would beat him or he would beat me. I had a bruise, so I got a shot and it’s one of the reasons why I got tired. It was kind like an anesthetic. And even like this, I didn’t quit attacking. Now I’m trained, and we may fight again someday.

OTAnd about your relationship with master Carlson? Is he still being like he used to be?ABDefinitely. When he sees me, he treats me really well. I’ve always defended his name, and I won’t stop doing it. He gets jealous, but when he left here I didn’t have anybody to train. So I decided to train only with Oswaldo.

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