Andre Dida back to K-1 Max in November

 Andre Dida has already marked his return to K-1 Max. The leader of Evolução Thai is confirmed in the final stage of the show, which takes place on November 8, in Japan. Dida will face the Japanese Hinata in a booking fight of the GP.


"I’m training a lot with my brother here in Canada", said Dida, "Our connection always worked and I always presented myself well when I was next to my brother. He is stressing my aggressiveness and here in Canada I’m very focused. I do not have anything to do, so I just training. I’m training in the morning, afternoon and evening. I get home and I’m watching videos of the fight. That my opponent kicks a lot and we’re training hard on it. I think it will not be easy, but I have a tactic to win it. If I apply this to get my tactics I think I will leave victorious".


To compete for the title of the season, the Brazilian has to defeat Hinata and hope to some athletes from the GP to get hurt.


"Defeating him I’ll be waiting in case someone gets hurt. I hoped no one would ever get hurt, but winning this fight I’ll be one step from the GP".


In Canada leading the Evolução Thai by the side of his brother Mauricio Veio, Dida is satisfied with the beginning of his work in the country.


"It’s very nice. I came here a month and a half ago and now I’m in the end of this month. In this last month I will dedicate myself to the tactic and I’m pretty relaxed. My brother stimulates a lot my game and I’m doing the technical and tactical part of the fight. Now just wait for the big day to impose my technique on the opponent", he added.

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