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Interview with BJJ’s black-belt Prodigy Andre Galvao from TT Jiu JitsuDenis Martins: Please Andre what is your profile?

Andre Galvao: I am 177cm, 81kg and my date of birth is September 29th, 1982. Denis Martins: Which are the reasons that you started in Jiu Jitsu?

Andre Galvao: I always liked Martial Arts and I already trained Judo, so my oldest brother suggested me to train Jiu Jitsu and I went to train with an Osvaldo Alves’ student named Careca who lived in Sao Jose, a city in the inland of Sao Paulo. Denis Martins: Did you adapt yourself good at Jiu Jitsu?

Andre Galvao: I delayed three month s to understand the points and the rules and it was funny. I adored jiu jitsu and when I started on understanding the rules and the points’ system, I loved it. Denis Martins: How come did he always follow Fernando Augusto “Terere”?

Andre Galvao: After two years training with Careca I moved to train with Terere in Sao Paulo. Terere taught me his style and I think I developed it very-well. Denis Martins: What is your opinion about Terere?

Andre Galvao: I have a lot to tell you, but I will resume this, telling you that Terere supported me a lot in all aspects. I do not have gratitude to him just why he trained me, but because he helped and he an example of correct people. Denis Martins: Are you game 100% based on Terere’s one?

Andre Galvao: I think not 100%, but nearly all based on it. Terere has a style which looks for the submission all time. I fight to submit my opponents, so I followed his style, but I added my own tools to conquer my place at jiu jitsu. Denis Martins: You won everything at purple and brown .But you delayed a little to get the black-belt. Did you stay bothered with it?

Andre Galvao: Man, it is true, I did not stay bothered. I knew how to wait until the exact time to get my black-belt. Everybody talked a lot that I deserved the black-belt, but Terere knew to wait and give me it when I really deserved it. Terere wanted to give me this black-belt before, but he went to USA and it did not happen, anyway I am a black-belt now. Denis Martins: Since you are a jiu jitsu fighter, you fight all competitions, minor and major ones. Why you fight all events?

Andre Galvao: It is very important. Since my beginning I fight all events and I like this way, because you can keep the high pace of competitions. Also, when you fight only major events, you know all opponents and some of the fights stay studied a lot and you can not develop. In the minor competitions, everybody knows you, but you do not know much about the adversaries. I like these challenges and I improved with them. Denis Martins: Fighting in events like Mundial, Copa do Brasil, Brasileiro and Pan American you already fought and beat Felipe Cranivata (Gracie Barra-BH) 5 times. Is it good or bad? I meant, he knows a lot for your style.

Andre Galvao: I think that it is good, because I have to change my fight style all time against him. For sure he got pissed-off in one of our fights because he thinks I am going make a move and I make totally different to surprise him. Denis Martins: Do you think that he can beat you in a near future since he knows you a lot?

Andre Galvao: He nearly did it in next to the last time you fought, when he caught my backs and scored 8-0. I had to keep the calm and turn everything to submit him. I do not think if he can beat me or not, I just fight.

Denis Martins: You spent some time in Japan, what did you think about the land of the rising sun?

Andre Galvao: I loved that country, yesterday I talked to my brother about that opportunity in Japan. I got recognized by the fans, I felt myself like a idol, I do not have words to tell you my happiness when I stayed in Japan. When I arrived there, I could not believe that I was in Japan. A very different country where the people are really nice, the travel was tough but I could take it. Denis Martins: Last year you had your first experience fight in a no gi competition. How was this experience?

Andre Galvao: I fought the two Brazilian Trials for ADCC2005. First one, at Campos, I fought pretty well, even I did not train much I think I performed well. At second phase in Sao Paulo, I felt the lack of training, and with my 60% of condition I could not to overcome my first fight at that opportunity. Denis Martins: Did you get to adapt your gi tools’ to the no gi games?

Andre Galvao: I did not have troubles, I like to fight without gi because I am fast and without gi I get to fight 2x faster than with a gi. I liked the experience and I have will of fighting all submission competitions this year. Denis Martins: At medio, all insiders expect a match between Marcelo Garcia and you. How do you see this probably match?

Andre Galvao: I know him very-well and I am expecting a good fight between us. I am exploring the details of a possible fight against Garcia. Denis Martins: What can the fans expect from you this year?

Andre Galvao: I am not fighting with heavy over my shoulders since I got my black-belt and I won the Mundial 2005. Who watched my fights this year realized it. The insiders and fans can expect my same style of submitting. I want to submit my all fight in all competition and my style and the TT’s(Galvao’s Team) is it. To fight for submit the opponents all the time is our priority.

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