Another Gazzy Parman auction on Ebay!

Gazzy Parman is one of the top female grapplers in the world. She is one of eight women competing in the under 60kg tournament at this year’s ADCC Tournament. Gazzy recently auctioned a spot on her fight shorts for $2250 to . Now she is doing another auction, this time the winner will get a spot on the front chest of her rashguard. This is a great opportunity to get excellent exposure and to help out a great person!

Her first auction on Ebay, “Advertise on my bum!!!”, gained a lot attention. Gazzy was interviewed and featured on The Miami Herald (front page of Saturday’s Metro Section), The Miami New Times (coming out this Wednesday), and television on Channel 10 ABC News (this morning). Due to all the exposure her first auction has gained, she has decided to keep the name “Advertise on my bum!” but added “Part II”.

Here is the link to the Ebay Auction:

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