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Post a video, win a $250 gift certificate

By Gumby / May 16, 2008

Each video posted will count as an entry to the sweepstakes for a drawing for a $250 gift certificate for the OTM online store! Post a video, win a $250 gift certificate That’s right post your videos to the OTM online library and be entered in our sweepstakes. http://onthemat.com/video/ Each video posted will count as […]


Red Belt Review

By Gumby / May 14, 2008

In the end this Red Belt is an entertaining film and it portray Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a positive light, so it’s easy to recommend this film. As an instructor, you come to realize that you cannot truly understand something until you have the ability to explain it someone else. In this way Red Belt, […]


Sim Go Seminar Videos

By Gumby / May 2, 2008

The Seminar benefited the Clean Water Drinking Project. www.cleanwaterworld.com Simpson Go recently stopped by One World Jiu Jitsu in Union City, CA to give a seminar that benefited the Clean Water Project for the Philippines. (www.cleanwaterworld.com) Sim Go, as you may know, is Marc Laimon’s first black belt and an instructor at Cobra Kai Las […]


BJJ Credentials in MMA

By Gumby / April 24, 2008

In a new regular feature OntheMat will be attempting to summarize the BJJ credentials of the fighters you see entering MMA. If you’re a long time reader of OntheMat.com, then this article may not be for you. Many of the names mentioned here have been interviewed and profiled years before on this very site. But […]


The Lovatos: Father and Son Black Belts

By Gumby / March 20, 2008

Rafael Lovato Sr. and Rafael Lovato Jr are without a doubt an American success story Typically, when you think of epicenters of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, areas with a high concentration of schools such as Brazil or California come to mind. Each year, many people will flock to these areas to improve their skills and increase […]


NAGA VEGAS Report and Video

By Gumby / February 22, 2008

Travis Tooke won the OTM sponsored Absolute Tournament You can view all the videos shot at the NAGA on it’s own channel in the OTM Video section! www.onthemat.com/video/channels/nagalv0208 Oddly enough, after having attending 100 plus events in my career, I had yet to attend a NAGA tournament. NAGA (short for North American Grappling Association) is […]


Rumble in the Redwoods Videos and Photos

By Gumby / February 16, 2008

Rumble in the Redwoods took place on February 9 2008 in Santa Cruz CA Photo Gallery courtesy of Alton Sun We’ve uploaded 17 videos to the OntheMat Video section from this event! Visit http://onthemat.com/video/channels/rumble08 to see them all! You know, if there is an event in my home territory of Northern California, I’ve just got […]


MORE Bud Cup Video

By Gumby / January 18, 2008

The entire Pro Division are now online! The entire Pro Division are now online! Full results (and names added to the video) soon! Rick Migliarese vs Roger Carroll http://onthemat.com/video/watch/1650439261/Rick-Migliarese-vs-Roger-Carroll James Brasco 1st Round Bud Cup http://onthemat.com/video/watch/340263784/James-Brasco-1st-Round-Bud-Cup Rick Macauley Bud Cup Round 2 http://onthemat.com/video/watch/1338657536/Rick-Macauley-Bud-Cup-Round-2 Jeff Monson Bud Cup Pro http://onthemat.com/video/watch/405516939/Jeff-Monson-Bud-Cup-Pro Rick Migliarese vs James Brasco http://onthemat.com/video/watch/864384107/Rick-Migliarese-vs-James-Brasco […]


Bud Cup 2008 First Batch of Videos!

By Gumby / January 17, 2008

For more event details, please check out www.GlobalGrappling.com Another great weekend in Charlotte North Carolina as the first big grappling event of 2008, the Bud Cup has been completed! The event highlight was the Pro Divisions divided into an under and over 185 pound weight class. Ruben “Cobrinha” Charles takes the lower weight category, submitting […]


What is Tournament Jiu Jitsu?

By Gumby / January 9, 2008

If you ever needed to explain to someone what tournament Jiu Jitsu is about, a local North Carolina program produced the perfect clip. If you ever needed to explain to someone what tournament Jiu Jitsu is about, a local North Carolina program produced the perfect clip. Filmed at the Bud Cup back in January 2007, […]

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