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Connection Rio – August 25th blog with No-Gi fight

By mad jack the hat / August 25, 2010

Hey people, this week has mostly been training and beach. Hmmmmmm not a bad life. We have been working on holes in my game, before the Novo Leblon Cup and had lots of people to train with due to the house being full.   The sun has come out in Rio and we have all […]


connection rio 17 08 2010 no gi match

By mad jack the hat / August 18, 2010

    hey people sorry 4 the delay Training up to the the comp was very good dennis put me thru the regular comp training and we done a little no gi aswell where i was drilling a lot of ankle locks and heel hooks to win the no gi fight as the guy i […]


Connection Rio – July 23rd, 2010

By mad jack the hat / July 24, 2010

  23rd july 2010 connection rio blog ·         Diet for tournament- This is one of the hardest parts of competing in most sports the diet i went from 82 kg to 74kg in 3 weeks, i mostly stuck to clean foods vegetables and white meats lots of water running for 20 mins before breakfast no […]


Connection Rio – June 30th, 2010 (Mad Jack The Hat)

By mad jack the hat / July 1, 2010

Hey people, thoght I’d start by saying bollox, it may seem strange to start a blog with that, but everyone in Brazil asks me: Hey Jack, what do you think of England in the World Cup and my reply has been bollox! Those guys get payed in a month more than I have earned in my whole […]


Connection Rio – June 18th, 2010 (Mad Jack The Hat)

By mad jack the hat / June 18, 2010

Hey girls n’ guys, got alot to talk about in this blog. Lots of exciting stuff I’ve been doing and will be doing. I’ll start with the stuff I will be doing. Rio Open is on the 22nd of July and I see this as a good time to smash some purple belts and let everyone know I […]


Connection Rio – June 8th, 2010 (full house update)

By mad jack the hat / June 8, 2010

Well the house is full and really lively. The arrival of Gerbil (some of you may know him from his sherdog thread), Nial, Bridget, Kathy I AM TRULY SORRY ITS NOT KATHY ITS Christie (very sorry) , the New Zealand couple, and Pierce has given us a full house and looks to be a good one. With my […]


Connection Rio – May 26th, 2010

By mad jack the hat / May 26, 2010

The house has pretty much been the same same people and same training going on with no new people so far, but we have a lot of people coming this month. So to start off my training going good, the team are all helping each other ( http://www.intheguard.tv/portal/?channel=2&section=3&action=1&id=301 ) << have a lil look here at some pictures of […]

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