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Interview with Brown Belt World Champ-Chris “Cabecao” Moriarty

By Riccardo Ammendolia / September 5, 2007

Talk about a comeback. Chris Moriarty had one of the most successfull comebacks in American BJJ history.Talk about a comeback. Chris Moriarty had one of the most successfull comebacks in American BJJ history. Chris was won the North American ADCC trials only to break his leg before the ADCC worlds in a no-gi match with […]


BJ PENNs Canadian Tour (seminar review) 2008

By Riccardo Ammendolia / August 9, 2007

BJ IS BACK! Literally, he was just here. For your MMA and grappling needs in Canada (and official representitive of OTM check out FightPlanet (www.fightplanet.ca) Several months ago, this OTM reporter did a review of a BJ Penn seminar up north in Canada. Many things have changed since that short time, such as a whole […]


2007 Ontario Grappling Grand Prix

By Riccardo Ammendolia / July 4, 2007

Brought to you by http://fightplanet.ca/ “Your best source for the top brands in MMA/Grappling” in Ontario and CanadaCanadian Corner:2007 ONTARIO GRAPPLING GRAND PRIX – FINAL RESULTS Congratulations to all competitors that took part in this year’s Grand Prix qualifiers and final event. The finals were held on Saturday, June 23rd, 2007, at Martingrove Collegiate in […]


HollywoodBJJ gets a little Northern Touch!

By Riccardo Ammendolia / June 19, 2007

To learn more about Pat and his academy visit (www.oama.ca) as well as (www.hollywoodbjj.com) Hollywood BJJ is known as one of the top BJJ clubs in California. Top because it has an amazing head instructor (Shawn Williams), great atmosphere and is producing excellent fighters. I have always heard the tales of people visiting Renzos school […]


Canadian Corner: GSP Seminar Review

By Riccardo Ammendolia / May 10, 2007

Georges was extremely nice to his legion of Canadian fans and didn’t hold back with his innovative techniques. I highly recommend anyone who is an up and coming mixed martial artist to attend a GSP seminar. The welterweight division of the UFC is known as the deepest talent pool in any fight organization. With two […]


Canadian Corner:Tournament Review for Wrestlefest 2007

By Riccardo Ammendolia / April 17, 2007

Event was sponsored by FIGHT PLANET (www.fightplanet.ca) POUND 4 POUND (www.pound4pound.ca) and CAN FIGHT and was sanctioned by the Canadian Jiu-jitsu Association. In Ontario Canada we have a circuit created for the grapplers here. There are selected tournaments which award points for each competitor and their wins. At the end of the circuit, the competitors […]


Alliance All Stars Seminar Review

By Riccardo Ammendolia / March 27, 2007

Not only did he bring down his first black belt Fabio Gurgel, but also the superstars of the new generation of the Alliance Team in Brazil…..and, of course Marcelo Garcia. When Jacare first told me about the seminar he had been planning, I booked the first flight into the ATL out of Toronto Ontario. Not […]


ALLIANCE TEAM Superstars Seminar!!!

By Riccardo Ammendolia / March 5, 2007

On March 24th and March 25th, Alliance Jiu-jitsu of Atlanta will be hosting one of the biggest seminars in history! Jacare has organized for Fabio Gurgel to come from Brazil, and bring his star students, Marcelo Garcia and Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles! Amongst the already 4 world class instructors, other Alliance Black belts from Brazil and […]



By Riccardo Ammendolia / December 17, 2006

A lot has happened since BJs first match in the UFC, and very similar to Mike Tyson, BJ is the fighter who everyone wants to see fight.In 1993 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was introduced to North America and the rest of the world. Through the battles of Royce Gracie, people discovered that a fighter didnt have to […]


AJ Scales Interview

By Riccardo Ammendolia / November 21, 2006

Upon first meeting Aj Scales in Brazil, I was told he was a Canadian who would compete anywhere. Little did I know how true that statement would soon be. Upon my first visit to Brazil, I was like any other gringo, star struck at all the famous jiu-jitsu fighters hanging around. From Terere, to Roger […]

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