Fourth Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP on August 13th. The Fourth BJJ CAMP will be held in August 13 and will last 10 days, The black belts are giving as a bonus a free private class for the first 8 students to confirm their spot. You will have the chance to learn from: Leozinho Vieira (2 times and current ADCC CHAMPION), Rodrigo Comprido (2 times OPEN weight BJJ World Champion, besides many times World champion on his weight category), Felipe Costa ( BJJ World Champion as a black belt in rooster weight class), Ratinho (leader of Brasa and expert in self defence, creator of Self-security system used in the biggest Brazilian airline company VARIG), among other black belts. You will get an average of one black belt to each group of 3 students, all in the same room at the same time. All of them working to improve your game. That is something you won`t get any other place in the world. Check more details and make your reservation now at or feel free to email at

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