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BJJ Wrist Lock from Closed Guard by Fabio Santos

There are a lot of sneaky moves in BJJ but this Wrist Lock by Red & Black Belt Master Fabio Santos is one of the sneakiest.

There are a lot of old school wrist lock masters Oswaldo Alves, Sergio Penha, Fredson Paxiao and Jacare.  This move seems to have been forgotten in BJJ. At least we do not see it use like we used to in the past.  That doesnt mean it is any less effective.  In fact it makes it more effective.

Give this one a try next time someone puts you in the closed guard. Go slow or you might snap their wrist bad.

Fabio Santos is a 7th degree red and black belt and his gym is located in San Diego, CA. He was the first to open a gym there and still runs his gym there today!

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