Budo Challenge Website Launches

Rickson Gracie’s Budo Challenge website has been launched! Check out the video preview!What Is The Budo Challenge?

Budo is the martial way that defines the physical, mental and spiritual powers of the warrior. The Budo Challenge brings together the top submission fighters in the world, including BJJ world champions, Olympic judo players, and UFC, Pride, and Shooto fighters to display the abilities, skills, and character that make a true champion.

The purpose of the Budo Challenge is not only to show top combat athletes in action, but to provide an insight into the minds and souls of the fighters. Just as life consists of preparation, execution, and adaptation to unexpected results, the Budo Challenge shows a microcosm of life through fighter interviews, personal stories, and philosophical outlooks. The audience gains a profound understanding of the struggle and sacrifice each fighter makes.

The Budo Challenge is the first professional submission fighting league with the vision to dignify and value the world’s elite grapplers and allow them to serve as role models and be positive influences for current and future generations in our communities.

The striking visual impact of the event is based on instilling traditional values and concepts into the minds of the viewers. The revolutionary rules of the Budo Challenge bring non-stop action and excitement unparalleled in modern judo, wrestling, or jiu-jitsu events. The commentators, special effects, officiating and scoring systems provide an easy-to-follow format that allows spectators to understand and follow the helicopter sweeps, rear naked chokes, omoplata joint locks, and guillotine submissions that happen with machine-gun speed.

The rules have been formulated so that strategy, action, and submission attempts are rewarded while stalling and controlling your opponent with no purpose or intent is penalized. A single point is scored for achieving common grappling positions, while multiple points are awarded for submission attempts which cause the opponent to execute a technique to escape.

In cumulative standings tracked throughout the season, different from regular jiu-jitsu or judo competitions, where victory by decision, submission, or advantage is the same, Budo Challenge will award submission victories with higher championship points for the overall world title. The goal of the Budo Challenge is to reward strategy, originality and action so the best warriors truly win!


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