This is going to a monumental event, Cage RageChampionships are moving at for nominal speeds to push MMA to a new level in England. They are bringing stars from around the world to compete at the highest level AND RAISING THE PROFILE OF OUR British stars this night of action will bring you 5 title bouts plus another 7 high quality match ups .yes thats 12 top notch fights that would be criminal to miss .Thehardest job for cage rage was what fight goes on 1stbecause most of these fights would top the bill acrossthe UK.


Britains MMA legend the machine, Ian has 1 thing onehis mind and thats the beast. Get past him and hasback with a belt round his waste, mark on the otherhand isnt under pressure, has already lining up hisnext fight with Elvis Sinosic on cage rage 19.


Here we go another super bout. Who would have thought this Pride superstar would ever come and fight in England? Well, yes, Cage Rage Championships have done it and he is bringing another superstar with him in his corner, The Grand Prix champ Shogun. Letsremember Shogun cant help him, and our very ownBritish superstar Mark Weir is again set for thebiggest challenge of his life and we believe all theBrits are behind him!


Yes you hear it right; it is the legend Kimo who againis gracing our shores unbelievable to think he hastopped the bill in many organisations. Many of theinternet forums have written off Legeno but not manyknow the inside information that he has spent the lastmonth with another legend Don Fry. Yes thats right,Legeno has been in the USA training with thissuperstar to come back and actually retire Kimo forgood! As Legeno says Ive changed my name to DeathWish Legeno for a reason, I take on the biggest fightsand Im not scared of no one, but when you see Kimostretched out, youll be chanting my name�


Up until Cage Rage 17 no-one had heard of RobBroughton but after the whole stadium was chanting his name the new champ was born. Robert Buzz Berry has other ideas about who is going to be champ comeSeptember 30th. Predicting a first round knockout, Iwouldn`t blink as these two big guys are going tomake that cage rock!


Ranked as one of the best grapplers in the world,Shaolin again is a superstar all the way from Brazil.He has no intention of giving away his world titlebelt. Abdul who is our British Champion has a majortask ahead of him but does not feel faded in the leastand is ready to slam Shaolin right through the canvas(many people say Abdul wont get submitted as hisstrength is super natural, Shaolin’s reply is take allbets


Yes you heard it right, Alex Reid has changed his nameand with this name he hopes to destroy the legend ofthe Freak. Again, Fryklund’s name appears top of thebill all around the world and he is a true all roundwarrior. If both of these guys stick to their gameplan, this will be a stand up battle, true of anyRocky movie.


Again when it comes to heavy weights, Cage RageChampionships go out of their way to give the fansjust what they want ‘ six foot guys with muscles ontheir muscles knocking some one out and Miller and Mus are no exceptions. Miller all the way from Japan is an absolute sumo legend. Whereas Mustafhas plans are to put the West London Shoot fighters on the map as the best MMA team around.

Lungu vs Bucannon.

You wouldnt say Bucannon was a small man, at 6’2” and a hundred and five kilos, thats a true heavyweight, but standing next to Lungu he is going to look like a midget! He is bringing all of South London with him, unlucky for him they cant get in the Cage to help, and so will the South London cannon drop this polish monster? Lets wait and see¦.


Everyone knows their name; they are two welter weights stars from England. We are not going to say much except go to the website and click on what they both had to say to each other in the cage, check it out on in the news section. One thing is for sure, this fight will have everyone on their feet.


Another title shot, which way will it go? This is along awaited re-match of the epic battle; both guyswant to finish this fight early as they know onemistake could mean the end. These are feather weights at the top of their game, so make sure you get there early.


Alex Cook by all accounts has moved up his game inleaps and bounds, he is training with none othersuperstar than Mike Bisping. The Wolfslair academy areproducing great fighters and they have said Alex isthe new middle weight force. Professor X from Franceis not worried in the slightest; he has just come backfrom Japan from being the main event, so crowds dontbother him. France vs England is always interesting¦.


Whoever wins this battle will be facing Mark Weir onDecember 9th at Earls Court. This is an eliminationbout to see who will be facing the British Champion.Bets are being laid heavily on the Croation sensation- Zelg but in London, they are all backing thegentleman James E Nicholle because they know he hasgot the minerals!

Well there you have it; it truly is a super card inepic proportion. To miss this will be an absolutedisaster if you were an MMA fan. If you are not anMMA fan and this is your first time at Wembley thenyou are in for a real treat because this night will godown in history! If you are from abroad, you canwatch Cage Rage 18 live on the web cast and remember if you are going live, put your make up on your best gear because yes there is another film being made (10 dead men) plus Channel four documentary and Interviews for our up and coming DVD Cage Rage Championships knockouts and they want you THE FANS.

Check out for up to the minute newsand features for Cage Rage 18.

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