Carson’s Corner: Bob Carson interviews Shannon Ritch in person and Travis Lutter by email!

Veteran MMA fighter Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch is the guest on this episode of Carson’s Corner. Additionally, Bob conducted an email interview with Travis Lutter, winner on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show, season four. Be sure to catch this show to be up to date on both of these guys.

Bob and Shannon discussed several of the recent controversies that have ensnared Shannon. Bob was able to get to the bottom of each of these controversies by employing his highly skilled (and trademarked) cross-examination techniques. Tune in to hear Ritch’s responses to Carson’s catechism. Not many survive unscathed. Will Shannon?

Afterward, we move on to a brief email conversation conducted with Travis Lutter. Find out if Travis is planning on fighting in MMA again or possibly planning on competing only in grappling events. Travis also told us how he is going to show his appreciation for the U.S. troops in combat. Hint: He’s leaving the country on Monday.

After these two interviews, Bob covers the latest news and rumors and answers listener email. The Summer of Carson is in full swing. Get some!

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