Carson’s Corner Goes Into the Mind of Brian Ebersole

Veteran MMA fighter Brian Ebersole is this episode’s guest on Carson’s Corner.

Ebersole, who is in training for a fight against Hector Lombard, is currently plotting a Kumite-style tournament against each of the members of the California State Athletic Commission. Hear what inspired him to undertake this plan by clicking on the link provided.

Additionally, Ebersole discusses his long, circuitous journey around the world, in support of his MMA career. Find out how he got from Illinois to California to his current residence in Perth, Australia. He is quite a character and his is quite a story.

Part of the appeal of this sport is the great characters and men of character that populate it. Brian Ebersole is a man who personifies this aspect.

In addition, Bob answers listener email and gives an update on the latest MMA news and rumors. The legendary Dan Gable is giving a seminar very soon. Find out where by listening. The Tapout fight apparel company has released some jaw-dropping numbers regarding future projections. Bob has the numbers and discusses them on this episode.

Besides this, there’s more, including discussion of,,, more on the Frank Shamrock interview and much more!

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