Carson’s Corner: Kirk and Drake Dudley Respond to ESPN’s Outside the Lines!

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” show featured a segment on children in MMA last weekend. Though purporting to be a fair and unbiased report, the truth is that the show unfairly cast the people who are involved in youth MMA in a negative light. Two of the people shown on this broadcast were Kirk and Drake Dudley.

We are extremely pleased that Kirk and Drake have agreed to appear on Carson’s Corner and, to degree it can be done, set the record straight. You will hear, in their words, how ESPN misled the two, as well as others involved in the show, into believing that the reporting would present all sides in a balanced manner. Carson’s Corner does not engage in creative editing, so you won’t get a chopped version of their words.

Get to know Kirk and his son Drake in this extensive and unflinching interview.

After the interview, Bob will cover the upcoming EliteXC show on CBS this weekend, give some analysis on other scheduled fights in other organizations, Franklin vs. Hamill, Henderson vs. Palhares, Yoshida vs. Parisyan and much more, including listener email.

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