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IBJJF Changes Masters Team Results After Error?

By Scotty OTM / October 28, 2015

IBJJF Moves Team Ribeiro to Second Place and Moves Gracie Barra to First. Originally reported Team Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu was the First Place Team at the 2015 IBJJF Masters.  The IBJJF has now push them to second place with the same number of points as Team Gracie Barra. IBJJF is citing a error in their system. […]


December Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Calendar

By Benjamin / October 12, 2015

Event Date Location Gi or No-Gi Price Good Fight December 5th Brooklyn, New York Gi and No-Gi(Sub Only) $69-$95 BJJ 247 December 5th Bournemouth, Australia Gi and No-Gi $30-$60 Fugi BJJ December 5th Cape Girardeau, Missouri Gi and No-Gi $55-$85 Newbreed December 5th Atlanta, Georgia Gi and No-Gi $79 Good Fight December 5th Brooklyn, New […]


UAEJJ In Los Angeles!!! Sunday Oct 18th

By Scotty OTM / October 7, 2015

Get ready Los Angeles, one of the largest promoted Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments is being held here in So Cal by the UAE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation on Sunday, October 18th. If you have not competed or spectated at one of UAE Jiu Jitsu tournaments, you’re missing out! The federation known for hosting its World […]


November Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Calendar

By Benjamin / October 5, 2015

Event Date Location Gi or No-Gi Price SUBCON November 1st San Diego, California Gi and No-Gi(Charity) $1.75+$50(Toys) ECAC November 1st Gold Coast, Australia Gi and No-Gi $55-$115 Australian Girls in Gis November 1st Sydney, Australia Gi and No-Gi(Girls Only) $50 IBJJF November 7th-8th Long Beach, California No-Gi Only $97-$115 Good Fight November 7th King of […]


5th Degree BJJ Black Belt Robin Gracie on Breath Control

By Scotty OTM / September 23, 2015

Good breathing is essential in developing your Jiu Jitsu game. Breath control in BJJ, Judo and Grappling. Breath control is a majorly overlooked component. Breath control in function of short- and long-term recovery, lactic acid tolerance, pain regulation, efficient muscle recruitment, focus and relaxation.


October International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Calendar

By Benjamin / September 14, 2015

October International  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Calendar Event Date Location Gi or No-Gi Price IBJJF October 3rd New York City, New York No-Gi Only $99-$110 IBJJF October 3rd-4th Florianopolis, Brazil Gi and No-Gi $115-$130 DSD October 3rd Bournemouth, England Gi Only $30-$45 US Grappling October 3rd Oak Lawn, Illinois Gi and No-Gi $75-$125 AGF October 3rd […]


September BJJ Comp. Calendar

By Benjamin / August 29, 2015

IBJJF September 5th Manaus, Brazil Gi and No-Gi $85-$95 NQY BJJ September 5th Cornwall, England Gi and No-Gi $29-$39 BJJ247 September 5th Glasgow, UK Gi and No-Gi $30-$40 ADCC September 5th Algeria No-Gi Only $10 Grappling Games 12 September 5th Chicago Ridge, Illinois Gi and No-Gi $60-$100 Garra Jiu Jitsu September 5th Queensland, Australia No-Gi(Sub/white and Blue Belt only) $65 Grappling […]


Finished ADCC Divisions Ahead of Tournament

By Benjamin / August 27, 2015

ADCC Divisions Males -66K -77K -88K -99K +99K Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” Gamrot Mateusz Romulo Barral Joao Assis Janne-Pekka Pietilainen Asadulaev Surkhay Abdulkadirov Magomed Zbigniew Tyszka Tomasz Narkun Lee Hyoung Chul Nicholas Renier Lachlan Giles Jesse Urholin Kamil Uminski Hideki Sekine Tezakbaev Rasul Young-am Noh Craig Jones Tobias Green Jason Lees Yuto Hirao Enrico Cocco Hidemi […]

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