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Saturday night local fight fans packed the Upland Sports Arena in hopes to witness the action CFX has been known to provide, what they got was more then just action they got excitement.Saturday night local fight fans packed the Upland Sports Arena in hopes to witness the action CFX has been known to provide, what they got was more then just action they got excitement. The uprising is what the promoter called the latest installation of the California Extreme Fighting, and judging from the skills showcased that night you could tell these fighters were no only prepared but were far from amateurs. To start the night new comer Francisco Rivera took on Cage of Fire veteran Ray Cox (1-0). Both came out aggressive as both threw hard punches at each other along the ropes, as they were brawling though Cox was able to get the better of Rivera landing a hard right that forced Rivera to circle out to avoid anymore damage. After regaining his composure Rivera re engaged and was able to land a hard right hand that dropped the COF veteran, once he saw his opponent hurt he went in for the kill landing another hard right the forced the ref to stop the fight just 52 seconds into the round.

In the second fight of the night new comer Mike Achelta took on CXF veteran Aaron Miller (4-3). Achelta that night was making his pro debut and took the route of trail by fire as he took on the more experienced Miller. From the get go you could tell Miller was the stronger of the two being able to not only stop Achelta takedowns but reversing him whenever Achelta had the advantage. Aside from a few punches landed on the feet by Miller the majority of this fight was fought on the ground with Miller in Achelta’s guard landing punches and elbows while Achelta attempted submission after submission. In the end the judges gave the fight to Miller via unanimous decision 30-27.

In the quickest fight of the night King of the Cage veteran Dave Cryer (4-1) took on BJJ purple belt John George (4-5). As the bell rang to start the round a few quick jabs by Cryer set up an exchange of punches that was followed up by the clinch and foot sweet takedown initiated by Cryer. Not wanting to waste anytime Cryer landed in somewhat of side mount position and looked as if he was going for an arm triangle, little did everyone know that he wanted that position to set up his powerful strikes. As soon as he established his base he raised up and started to land some vicious elbows that ko’ed his opponent just 19 seconds into the round. In the forth fight of the night Seth Dikun (4-2) from team Wildman took on TFA and Invincible veteran Martin Bautista (6-3). Throughout the fight Dikun was able to control the action landing one two combinations and always ending it with a kick, Bautista was able to withstand the blows and attempted some strikes of his own but was never really able to get off. Seeing that his striking game was having no effect Bautista attempted to take his opponent down on several occasions but every time found himself being stonewalled by Dikun’s superior wrestling skills. Bautista seeing that he was unable to get dikun to the ground did what he could as he on several occasions pulled guard to attempt submissions and sweeps from his back. However on each occasion Dikun was able to avoid Bautista attack and land ground and pound at will. By the end of the third round the judges had made their decision awarding Dikun the unanimous decision victory 30-27.

In the fifth fight of the night Frank Navarez (1-0) was hoping to keep his winning streak alive as he took on Allan Goes team fighter Nick Moghaddam. You could tell the room was full of Navarez fans as each of them donned a “Team Frank” t-shirt and yelled out Team Frank, Team Frank as the bell rang, but their excitement would soon turn into fear as they saw their fighter beaten in just over a minute into the first round. As the bell rang Moghaddam took the center of the ring and threw 2 destructive leg kicks that caused Navarez to crumble under the power. Seeing that his opponent was hurt Moghaddam wasted no time and rushed in and pushed frank to his back and started to unload hard punches to his head that forced the ref to stop the fight. In the Co main event of the night Joe Schilling (0-1) was looking for his first pro win as he took on Invincible fighting veteran Maurice Doucette (2-2). Schilling who came in looking like a ball of energy quickly went after his opponent as soon as the bell rang for round one, landing a hard roundhouse kick to the body to open it up. Feeling his power Doucette looked to take the fight to the ground and initiated a clinch and got the takedown. Schilling however looked like a seasoned vet as he immediately threw up punches and elbows that gave him the opportunity to lock up a triangle submission that forced the ref to stop the fight just past the halfway mark of round one. In the main event of the night Team Oyama fighter Bao Quach (13-8-1) took on another seasoned fighter in Armando Sanchez (9-6). Everyone watching expected a war as the bell rang but what they got was a beautiful display of the diverse Mixed Martial arts skill from the experienced Quach. As the bell rang both came out throwing punches and leg kicks but it was Sanchez who would get the better of the exchanges and land a hard right hand that rocked Quach. Quach showed his experience and forced a clinch on his opponent in attempts to recover from the blow, in a scramble however he would find himself on his back and forced to react as Sanchez would start to pass his guard. Seeing his opportunity Quach locked up a kimura on Sanchez’s left arm and used it to sweep his opponent right into side mount, already in the position Quach slightly tweaked his opponent’s shoulder that forced Sanchez to tap out just prior to a minute into the round.

Official Results

Francisco Rivera def Ray Cox via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 0:52 R1

Aaron Miller def Mike Achelta via Dec (Unam 30-27) 3:00 R3

Dave Cryer def John George via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 0:19 R1

Seth Dikun def Martin Bautista via Dec (Unam 30-27) 3:00 R3

Nick Moghaddam def Frank Nevarez via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 1:05 R1

Joe Schilling def Maurice Doucette via Submission (Tech Triangle) 1:38 R1

Boa Quach def Armando Sanchez via Submission (Kimura) 0:50 R1

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