Congrats to New Jiu JItsu Blue Belt in Indianapolis

A big congratulations to Brandt Basaran for earning his Blue Belt. Brandt has trained hard and consistently for the past 2 years and has begun to develop a very dangerous game. At 16 years old he is minimum age to receive a Blue Belt. So this is a very big achievement! The Blue Belt is the first belt awarded for the adults in BJJ. The criteria to achieve this ranks varies widely from school to school. Here at Stockman Jiu Jitsu we run off of a curiculum in our Fundamentals Classes. The curriculum consists of the basic pieces needed to build the foundation of your game. We focus mostly on Jiu Jitsu as a self-defense or fight vs. sport or point fighting. “I always want to be sure that #1 anyone that I promote to Blue Belt will be able to defend themselves using Jiu Jitsu if a situation would arise.” says Stockman. We also do a lot of sport Jiu Jitsu but we don’t feel that sport Jiu Jitsu should be the foundation of your game. If you are looking to train BJJ in the area, contact us about how you can come in for a free week of classes! We welcome anybody from any affiliation. See you on the mats! Carlson Gracie Indianapolis Jiu JItsu 916 E. Main St. Suite 111 Greenwood, IN. 46143 317-979-4466

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