Fighting out of Wreckroom Athletics Julian

Everyone at Wreckroom Athletics is focused in on getting Julian ready for his upcoming light weight tiltle fight against "Karate" Mike Williams.  As the days have gone by Julian has become more and more focused for this fight.  He is more ready for this fight then anyother fight.  I know standing across the cage from him getting ready to do some sparring, I can see the intensity in his eye’s and I know he is ready.  I will say that Julian hit with bad intentions and has knockout power in both hands.  I know that sparring with him is begining not to be fun anymore with the power he produces sparring.  He goes at such an intensity that it is hard to not get hit with a full power shot that does clean out the clock.  But his ground game is not joke either.  He can submit you from any angle and from any postion, he is able to find a way no matter what postion he is in.  He is on of the best all around fighters fighting out of the Wreckroom.  With trainers like Brian Smiley and Mitch Whitsel it is no wonder why he is confident and ready for his show down against Williams.  Williams is a tough opponet, he is well versed on the ground with all his victories coming by way of submission.  This will be a great test for Julian.  I would have to say that if you are around Mansfield, Ohio on Jan. 15th, swing by the fair grounds and watch some great fights that are being put on by Revelations Fighting Organization.  For tickets go to

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