Free Online BJJ Seminar by Rafael Lovato Jr!

OTM Sponsored BJJ Player, Rafael Lovato Jr just informed me that he is doing a FREE LIVE BJJ WEBINAR on his Pressure Passing System this Monday at 10am !!


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Now unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that Rafael Lovato has been giving away some insane free videos because he is doing his Ultimate Pressure Passing DVD release.. 


If you haven’t seen all Lovato’s free videos, you should go watch them asap. This is the most effective stuff in BJJ right now and Rafael is giving it away for FREE.  Here are the 3 technique passing videos in case you missed them: 


1) The Head Quaters Pass


2) Bull Figher Pass


3) Leg Lasso Pass


On Monday December 3rd at 1pm this will be your final chance to get an INSIDER LOOK, live and in person with 3X BJJ World Champion Rafael Lovato Jr, into the Pressure Passing System and Online Coaching Program in this LIVE WEBINAR. 


Space is limted on the webinar due to limited bandwidth.  


Register early!  Register Here!  

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