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Check Out These Killer New Gis! Order Now for Free Shipping Till Sunday!


 In addition to the OTM XLC Gi, we are offering seven new BJJ Gis! And if you order your new Gi online, you will receive FREE SHIPPING on all Gis through Sunday, May 13th. So order now, and be the first person to rock one of these killer new Gis!


XLC 240 Extreme Summer Gi – The weather is heating up, so it’s time to get a gi that will not slow you down and make you overheat all summer long! At 240 grams, this is the lightest Jiu Jitsu gi on the market. This gi features the same UVA foam collar as our competition gis. The pants are made from 8 oz rip stop material and are super light. These gis are normally priced at $119.99 for White and $129.99 for Blue, and we have them on sale now for ONLY $89.99 & $99.99, respectively. With Free Shipping, you save about $40!  


NEW COLOR – OTM HI Life Gi – The OTM HI Life Gi is back and now available in Blue! The infamous Hi Life Gi was designed by Scott la Roc from the world famous Da Hui crew on the North Shore. It features authentic Hawaiian style art that is embroidered and woven. The collar has UVA foam with rip stop material.


NEW COLOR – OTM Supa Star Gi – The Supa Star Gi is designed to fit all the women in the sport. The top is cut with a narrower waist and a flared skirt. The pants are modeled off the fit of a baggy women’s jean cut. This Gi is made of a light weight Pearl Weave with a UVA foam collar with rip stop material.


NEW – Built To Fight Blank Competition Gi – The Built To Fight Blank Competition Gi is a logo free Gi for you to decorate as you wish. Made of the softest Gold Weave material, this Gi was built for comfort, yet fitted and triple stitched to handle your toughest training sessions. This Gi is available in White, Black, and Blue.


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