Fury FC 2 – Brackets are set for the 93 kg GP Semi-Finals!

Little more than twenty days away from crowning its first ever up to 93 kg Grand Prix champion, Fury FC has set the brackets for the finals of the tournament to be decided on November 30th, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With four fighters left in the race for the belt, after the first round that took place on September 27th, all will be decided in the show’s next edition, Fury FC 2 – Final Combat, as to become the champion, one of the participants of the semi-finals will have to win two bouts in one night. Having won his first round battle against Dutch fighter Dave Dalgliesh, Chute Boxe representative Thiago Silva will battle rival academy Brazilian Top Team’s representative Claudio Godoy in one side of the GP semi-finals brackets, in a rematch of a bout that saw Thiago emerge as the winner by judges’ decision earlier this year. The experienced Godoy had destiny on his side in finding a spot in the Grand Prix semi-finals, as first round winner Dimitri Wanderley saw a severe knee injury sidelining him out of the tournament. Understanding the size of the opportunity, Claudio Godoy is confident about his chances “Now it’s time to take the chance that destiny has given me, and showcase all my potential. Since luck has giving signs to be at my side, be sure that I’m coming to this Grand Prix to win it!” Having previously suffered a loss to his opponent doesn’t affect his confidence either “This time things will certainly be different, and I won’t wait any judges’ decision to defeat him!” On his part, coming to the tournament finals with an undefeated professional MMA record, Thiago Silva has his own share of confidence and is looking at the big scene, not being concerned only about potentially the first bout of the night “There’ll be only hard fights, cause only the best fighters are left, the Brazilians, and I’m sure it’s going to be a great show. I’m ready to fight against any one of them! Awaiting the winner of another chapter on the Chute Boxe versus Brazilian Top Team rivalry, in Thiago Silva facing Claudio Godoy, there’ll be Jiu Jitsu MMA sensation Vitor Vianna, a student of grappling legend Leonardo Vieira, squaring off against tough Gracie Barra Combat representative Danilo “Motoserra”. Danilo, from Rio de Janeiro, has been in enjoying a four streak wins series, and defeated Russian Denis Komkin on the first round to earn his place in Fury FC 2 – Final Combat. Usually competing at 83 kg, he doesn’t get intimidated by the challenge of going up in weight and fighting heavier opponents, and is ready for the toughest challenge his career has seen yet “My team and I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to participate in a great show, so we accepted it! It’s worthy to remember that my real weight is around 93 kg. Plus, all of them are very tough fighters, so any opponent will be a tough one!” When the bell rings on November 30th, a very tough Vitor Vianna will be waiting on the opposite corner, as Vitor also comes into the show with an undefeated MMA record, amazing BJJ credentials and recent successful Muay Thai outings in Holland! Considered by many the likely favorite to take home the belt, the BJJ black belt takes a humble approach to what may be the turning point of his career “I think this Grand Prix doesn’t have any favorites, so I want to get there ready to defeat any of them. But I think my time has finally come, and I’m truly ready for this challenge. See you all on November 30th!” With four of the toughest and most skilled young Brazilian fighters of nowadays ready and set to battle at Fury FC 2 – Final Combat, the real winners will be the fans, as action is guaranteed. The show will also count with an alternate bout for the Grand Prix, and five other single matches to be announced soon.

Fury FC 2 – Final Combat Thursday, November 30th at Tom Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

GP 93 kg – Semi-Finals: Vitor Vianna (Brasa) x Danilo “Motoserra” (Gracie Barra Combat Team) Thiago Silva (Chute Boxe) x Claudio Godoy (Brazilian Top Team)

*Single matches and 93 kg GP alternate match to be announced soon. Cardsubject to change.

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