Future Matches UFC Fight Night 58

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 58 will tell you who we think the winners and losers of this weekend’s fight card should face off with next.

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 58

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 58 had lyoto Machida proving that he is still at the top of his game despite nearing the second half of his 30s. Is a potential rematch with the current Middleweight champion on the horizon?

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 58: Winners

Lyoto Machida vs. Luke Rockhold

It is the only fight that makes sense. Both are trying to make it toward a title fight and they are the only fighters in the top five at Middleweight without a fight. With a win Rockhold should secure his title fight and if Machida continues his path of destruction he could find himself there again.

Renan Barao vs. Raphael Assuncao

Barao looked okay, but it seemed like he could have put Gagnon away a lot quicker. Assuncao has the unfortunate task of having won seven straight fights, has a win over the current champion, and  still does not have a title shot. Dominick Cruz has won the right to fight for the title. Now, Barao and Assuncao can face off to see who is next in line.

Patrick Cummins vs. Fabio Maldonado

Cummins and Maldonado have opposing styles while it seems that either one could win this match. They can face off with each other to see who should get a crack at the top ten.

Erick Silva vs. Gunnar Nelson

Silva can beat anyone out side of the top ten and has become a good gatekeeper. Nelson is on the edge of becoming one himself but a win over Silva would prove he belongs in the top ten or contending within it.

Hacran Dias vs. Clay Guida

Both are grinders who have some decent wins and losses. Let them face off with each other to see who deserves another crack at moving up the rankings or who may be on their way out of the UFC.

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 58: Losers

CB Dollaway vs. Michael Bisping

Both have been trying really hard to stay int he top of the division but devastating losses have set them back. Both will want to start the new year right but a match with each other would give them one of them a chance to get that chance.

Mitch Gagnon vs. Erik Perez

Perez and Gagnon both have some impressive wins while some big losses. They are one the edge of the top 15 and with that big change coming to what it means being in the top 15 not both of them should be there. Match them up with each other and see who can survive.

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