Future Matches UFC on Fox 14

Future Matches UFC on Fox 14 had the new number one contender in the Light-Heavyweight division crowned and it will be a new foe for the champion.

Future Matches UFC on Fox 14

For the losers, it could be goodbye to the Octagon or at least a hard look at what comes next for theirĀ Future Matches UFC on Fox 14 after some devastating losses to their career.

Future Matches UFC on Fox 14: Winners

Anthony Johnson vs. Jon Jones

Anthony Johnson blitzed former number title challenger Alexander Gustafsson which is something no one has been able to do in his over twenty fight career. This is a change of pace since being released from the UFC over three years ago. Just three fights back and he is the current title challenger which give him the biggest Future Matches UFC on Fox 14. Time tables remain to be seen since Jones’ failed drug test, but this fight should go down before the end of the year.

Gegard Mousasi vs. Tim Kennedy

Regardless of the stoppage, Mousasi was taking it to former Strikeforce and PRIDE champion Dan Henderson. Still, he has losses at Middleweight to Jacare and Lyoto Machida that are going to hold him back. He needs to string together some wins before being put in another number one contenders fight. Kennedy recently had a snafu with his fight, but he still remains a top fighter at 185 and a good matchup for Mousasi.

Ryan Bader vs. Rashad Evans

Bader has won four straight even if they were not fun to watch. He now sits at 7-2 with his losses being knockouts and has four straight wins. Evans was geared up to return and face Teixeira, but an injury forced him out of the bout. Now, he needs a fight and to add a former champion to your resume would be one of Bader’s biggest wins to date.

Future Matches UFC on Fox 14: Losers

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Daniel Cormier

Both have had bad blood with current champion Jon Jones and both potentially want a rematch with him. For Gustafsson, he will have to eliminate this loss from everyone’s mind, and Cormier needs to prove he has more to offer the champion after his title loss. A matchup with both will show who has what it takes to climb the ladder back toward a title fight.

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

Henderson has three fights left on his contract and who cares about how many losses he has, the UFC should allow him to fulfill his contract especially after this premature stoppage. Bisping and him would be an instant headliner of a Fox sports one card no matter how many losses each had. Bisping faces off with Dollaway in April, and even if he wins, everyone knows he would want to face Henderson again.

Phil Davis vs. Patrick Cummins

Davis has now fallen to 1-2 in his last three fights and even if he is supposed to be the best wrestler at 205, he could not take Bader down. Cummins has proved himself a legit threat after rebounding from the Cormier loss with three straight wins. A fight with Davis would prove where each falls in the pecking order of 205 and makes sense for the division.

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