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Introducing Gabe Ruediger:

Gabe Ruediger is a long time friend and training partner. When I first met Gabe, I have to admit I didn`t like him too much, but I have he`s among my best friends now.Introducing Gabe Ruediger:

Gabe Ruediger is a long time friend and training partner. When I first met Gabe, I have to admit I didn`t like him too much, but I have he`s among my best friends now. One thing I like about Gabe is willingness to try and do absolutely anything. From starting off with his base in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Ralph Gracie for the past four years, he`s included Muay Thai at Team USA in arsenal and has participated in BJJ, submission grappling and even San Shoe Tournaments! On Friday, October 18, 2002 Gabe will make his MMA debut at the World Extreme Cagefighting IV in Lemoore, California. Let`s meet Gabe, and hopefully he`ll grow on you as much as he has on us.

OTM- Introduce yourself!

Gabe- My name is Gabriel Ruediger. I`ve been training with Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu team for four years. I also train Muay Thai at Team USA. I`ve always fought at lightweight for BJJ and Submissions, so my NHB debut will be at 155lbs. My sponsors include, and Ultimate Athlete.

OTM- Let’s start the interview by asking what got you started training in martial arts?

Gabe- I started doing Aikido when I was 12, but I didn`t have the discipline to stick with it. At 18 I started doing Kung Fu San SOO. I truly thought it was a DEADLY style (LOL). I moved to San Francisco and I was getting tattooed by Troy Denning. He was training with Ralph and told me to come check it out. I went in a week later and haven`t left. It was a natural progression to want to fight NHB from there.

OTM- What’s it like training at Ralph’s academy?

Gabe- It`s a really intense school. Ralph is a very intense person and it carries over to the school. I can also say that the core team members are an extended family to me. Another great aspect of Ralph`s is all of the talent (The Camarillo`s, BJ[at the time], Cameron Earle, Ralph, Kurt Osiander, Etc) the academy has. It brings out a competitive edge and a never give up attitude

OTM- Do you consider yourself a….competitive person?

Gabe- Very much so! I can`t even play a board game with out feeling like I need to win. It`s been instilled in me and then reinforced by training at Ralph`s. Second place is just the best loser.

OTM- What else drives you?

Gabe- Good question. I`m always trying to improve myself. Regardless if Its in training or my personal life. I guess my most basic drive is to be the very best person I can be. I`m a work in progress!! LOL

OTM- Yeah, there are those who would say you`re a piece of work…:) You have quite a following on the Internet. Why did you pick the name Perkdog?

Gabe- LOL!!! It actually its roots are again from Troy Denning. For a while there was another Tattoo artist named Sean Perkinson (he actually did all the work on my arm) who Troy used to call PERKDOG. One day Ralph came in and asked Troy who he came with. Troy said “PERKDOG” Ralph says “What is PERKDOG?” in a very thick Brazilian accent. Troy explained that Perkdog isn`t an “it”, but a person. Ralph goes “Bring me the PERKDOG!” very matter of factly. It was so funny that it was ingrained in my long-term memory. I just used his nickname. By the way, if you`re ever in Oakland check out FTW tattoos and ask for the PERKDOG. His work is great!!

OTM- LOL! Are you as obnoxious in person as the online Perkdog?

Gabe- – LOL!! More so! No, I don`t think I`m obnoxious per say. I think I have a genuine personality and I will say what I feel. I`ve have been told I`m “entertaining” when I`m drunk though!

OTM- (Editor`s note: A night out with Gabe is ALWAYS entertainment). What do you do for fun besides train?

Gabe- Pull chicks!!! LOL!!! Nah, I enjoy spending time with my friends, traveling, and just truly enjoying life…oh yeah and quoting good movies “This is for you SHIDOSHI!!!”

OTM- So, you’re quite the lady’s man, huh? Ever use a movie quote for a pick up line?

Gabe- LOL!! My favorite movie line to pull chicks is ” You have offended my family and you have offended the Shaolin temple” The chick will say “What?” and then I`ll side kick her. This works 9 times out of 10. If not I go with “Choke yourself, not with your hand numb nuts, my hand!” That gets the other 1.

OTM- Alright, let’s get serious here again. You’re making your MMA debut this Friday at WEC. What have you been doing to prepare for this match?

Gabe- I`ve been really pushing my physical and mental limits. This is my debut and I want it to be exciting. My daily regimen has been 1 hr of cardio, 1-2 hours of Muay Thai(pads, sparring,etc), and then full contact in the evenings. It`s been great. I have great instructors and training partners so Ill be very well prepared.

OTM- What is your game plan for this match? Anything you like to do?

Gabe- I have a game plan, but it`s very rudimentary. I feel comfortable on my feet and on the ground, so Ill see what the fight dictates. I`ve been training from every position so I can adapt necessary. The most important thing for me is to have an exciting fight and hopefully it won`t go to a decision.

OTM- – WEC has some cute ring girls, should we warn them in advance?

Gabe- It might be a good idea. I`ve been honing my pick up skills watching old Reruns of Knightrider so they should have a little advanced warning.

OTM- Where do you hope to take your martial arts career in the future?

Gabe- Right now I`m just focusing on this fight, but Ill be focusing more on the career aspect of fighting afterwards. I would really like to go back to Japan to fight though. I went over there to train and really enjoyed myself. It would be an honor to be able to make a career out of fighting.

OTM- How did you like Japan? (Editor`s not: Gabe’s article on “So You Want to Train in Japan is coming shortly to

Gabe- Japan is a great country. I was fortunate to train with some of the best fighters in the world (The article will have specifics). I also went to a few live events which really inspired me to fight there.

OTM- Alright I think we’re going to wrap things up so you can go train. Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Gabe- Yes, I need to express my gratitude to everyone that has helped me in my training. They have all taken time out of their lives to assist me and I am very grateful. I would also like to thank my sponsors again, Ultimate Athlete, (add one)

OTM- Thanks Gabe, and best of luck on Friday!

Gabe- Thanks Gumby! I`ll do my best and then I`ll represent at the after party!!!

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