Gorilla Fight Event Vol. 2 marks a new era in MMA in Germany

Germany has finally got its own top-level MMA Label: Gorilla Fight Events! The Mannheim based promoter team is hosting its second show on April 5th 2008 in the Multihalle Herzogenried Park in Mannheim with more than 10 international MMA bouts. All info about the event and its fighters can be found at www.gorilla-event.de. You can also order tickets online for this show. Here is the latest fight-card for this event:

World Title Fight -120 kg: Thorsten “The German Oak” Kronz (German Top Team) vs. Shaun McKenning (UK)World Title Fight -70 kg: Franco “Ortega” De Leonardis (German Top Team) vs. Marcello “Bocao” Fereira (Brazilian Top Team)A-Class -77 kg: Mario “Spiderman” Stapel (Team Jiu-Jitsu Fighter/Germany) vs. Leslee “Hollywood” Ojugbana (UK)A-Class -77 kg: Daniel “Junior” Weichel (Team Jiu-Jitsu Fighter/Germany) vs. Ian Jones (UK)A-Class -77 kg: Peter “Yamatodamashii” Angerer (German Top Team) vs. Jason Ball (UK)B-Class -77 kg: Daniel “Hijikata” Schöb (German Top Team) vs. Manuel Sully (France)B-Class -77 kg: Vito Palmieri (Dragon’s Cave Hanau/Germany) vs. Sebastien Grandin (France)B-Class -70 kg: Stefan “The Boss” Hoss (German Top Team) vs. Vito Tanga (Stallions Cage Stuttgart/Germany)B-Class -77 kg: TBA vs. Florent Beto (France)B-Class Women -60 kg: Annika “La Locita” Sitter (German Top Team) vs. TBAC-Class German Title Match -70 kg: Philipp Krebs (German Top Team) vs. Miroslav Neralic (Sakura Dojo Lossburg/Germany)C-Class German Title Match -77 kg: Mike Mulineaux (Suum Cuique Mainz/Germany) vs. Daniel Talmon (Sakura Dojo Lossburg/Germany)C-Class German Title Match -84 kg: Michael Heist (Sakura Dojo Lossburg/Germany) vs. Pascal Krauss (BJJ Freiburg/Germany)C-Class German Title Match -93 kg: Nevenko “The Croatian Bouncer” Bilic (German Top Team) vs. Gregor Herb (BJJ Freiburg/Germany)

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