Down and dirty! Grappler’s Quest West Play by Play Results (Not quite live to you, but typed matside). Time is approximately 1:30 PST Gi divisions will be up first, followed immediately by the pro submission grappling division. Vinicius “Pezao” de Magalhaes vs Marcus “Kiko” Cacella Kiko pulls guard, Vinicius looks to pass but both are on their knees quickly. Kiko pulls guard again but Vinicius passes quickly, goes for a toe hold!. Kiko defends, but Vinicius grabs the kneebar, pulls off the tap out victory in about a minute. Paulo Guillobel vs Mike Fowler Two competitors tie up and circle to start off with. Fowler pulls to half guard, Paulo looks to pass. Paulo applies good pressure, but Fowler is defending well, hand on the collar, looking for a sweep? Fowler almost gets it but Paulo shifts his weight the other way, than back to passing on the left side. Battle to see who can impose who’s game right now. Fowler pulls off the sweep and we’re now in Guillobel’s half guard! 2-0 Fowler. Fowler sets up the Brabo grip and looks to pass. Fowler looks a bit winded right now, very uncharteristic for him, but he’s on top and working. Fowler looking to pass now, Paulo looking for the sweep but Fowler is in control. Fowler stands up as Guilobel works a DelaRiva guard. Fowler with the cut through pass as Guilobel turtles up. 5-0 Fowler. Guilobel momentarily puts him back in guard, but does not control as Fowler goes the other direction. Fowler now in side control. Looking for and gets knee on stomach points. 7-0 Fowler. Competitors back to their feet, Fowler pulls half guard again with one minute remaining. Rather than looking to completely pass, Paulo leaves his leg in and looks to attack the arm, but time is running out. Paulo spins to get the arm, but Fowler defends well, and is out of immedaite danger, pulls of the sweep as time expires! 9-0 Mike Fowler over Paulo Guilobel! Walter Vitale vs Tony Eduardo THe competitor s shake hands, Tony immediately pulls guard, get to half guard. Vitale applying a lot of pressure here. Match paused as Walter is bleeding from his nose. Match is restarted a few minutes later in the same position after the blood is cleaned up. Walter starts off by aggressively looking to pass. Tony is still keeping a hook in however, so no points awarded. Tonmy looks to turtle up, so Walter grabs an arms, spins around for an armbar! Walter Vitale over Tony Eduardo by armlock submission. Sergio Silva vs Xande Riberio The competitors circle and lock up. A lot of feeling out on the feet here, as both competitors looks to establish grips. Xande is very calm, Sergio is a little toned down from his usual fight demeanor as well. Several minutes have gone by so far. Xande gets a takedown for two straight into side control! Sergio manages to pull half guard. Xande applies pressure and sets up the Brabo grip, but releases it. Sergio looking for something, manages to face Xande, who is very methodical. Xande gets the brabo grip again and finishes with the choke. Xande Riberio over Sergio Silva by by submission (choke). Round 2 Vinicius “Pezao” de Magalhaes vs Mike Fowler Vinicius scores a takedown immediately for 2 points. Vinicius 2-0. Established north south control very quickly and looks to take the arm. Fowler defends, Vinnie goes for the back, but Fowler spins out and gets to half guard. Fowler looks for a sweep but settles on butterfly guard. . Vinnie looks for a cut through pass, but Fowler is able to hold unto half guard. Vincius looks a choke on, Fowler looks in toruble but getsw out, comes on top, but Vinnie sweeps to mount! Vinnie again looks to sink the choke in, but Fowler hangs tough. Back to Fowler’s butterfly guard. Fowler goes for the toe hold now, close, but Vinnie spins out. Back to Fowler’s half guard. Folwer trying hard for a sweep, is lifting up Vinnie’s leg, Vinnie looks for the mount and Fowler back to half guard. Vinnie passes guard. Score is now 11-0 with one minute to go. Vinnie to north south, now looks to tie up an arm. Spins around for the armbar and gets the tapout! Vinicius “Pezao” de Magalhaes over Mike Fowler by armbar. Xande Ribiero vs Walter Vitale. Both fighters are standing and steadily working for grips and exchange takedown attempts. Walter then quickly pulls half guard, but Xande quickly take the fight back to the feet and both fighters continue to circle and work for grips. Walter attempts pulling the half guard, but Xande defends well and passes it for 3 points. Xande takes the mount easily and is up 7-0. Xande runs a hand deep inside Walter’s collar and sinks a very deep cross choke for the tap out victory in about 3 minutes. Championship Match Vinicuius “Pezao” de Magalhaes vs Xande Ribiero Pezao and Xande square off and Pezao scores a very quick takedown for two points. Xande establishes guard and transitions to a half guard as he gets the sweep to even the score at two a piece. Xande is now working from Pezao’s back and Pezao quickly turtles. Pezao spins for the guard and Xande drops back for a footlock as pezao returns the favor. After a brief footlock exchange, Xande is back in guard and is working for another sweep. Pezao keeps busy and both fighters fall back into another leglock war attempting simultaneous achilles locks. Xande gets out and rolls for a kneebar. Peazao is defending well, as Xande goes back to guard. Pezao works for the pass and pulls Xande into his guard. Xande tries to pass as Pezao sweeps for a 4-2 advantage. Xande goes back to guard and attempts another kneebar for the tap out victory. Men’s Flyweight Advanced Division Ulysses “The Mexican Bowtie” Gomez vs Cody Bollinger Uly and Cody waste no time and engage quickly as this fight is taken to the ground and both grapplers go for quick leglock attempts. This fight is very fast and furious as both fighters are recentered and continue to make this a brutal leglock war. Uly goes to his guard and transitions for another lecklock as Cody does the same. As both fighters sunk deep footlocks it appeared both fighters were about to tap. Uly suddenly ends the fight in about one minute via ankle lock submission. Sim Go vs B.C. Sim and B.C. pick up where Uly and Cody left off with a very high tempo start to the match and quickly starts work from his butterfly guard. After defending the guard pass he turtles and defends the RNC. Sim goes back to guard after fending off various acrobatic guard passes and the fight is recentered in the middle of the mat. Sim works from his half guard trying to work his sweeps as time expires and loses 7-0. Championship Match Ulysses Gomez vs. B.C. As the fight starts Uly pulls guard and goes for a kimura. B.C. defends and works the guard pass. Uly quickly goes for a leglock and another kimura as both fighters stand and get recentered standing. B.C. goes for the single leg takedown and passes Uly’s half guard for 3 points. B.C. is on Uly’s back working for a RNC as Uly defends. After some struggling for the rear naked choke, B.C. transitions into a spinal lock for the tap out victory at around 3 minutes via twister. 3rd Place Match Sim Go vs Cody Bollinger Sim quickly takes this match to Cody and procedes to methodically land position after position at will in a very relaxed manner as Cody tries his best to defend with a much more aggressive approach. After several sweeps, guard passes, and a full mount Sim relaxed in his guard and forced Cody to go for submission as time was winding down with Sim in control 13-2. Sim solidifies his victory with one last sweep as time expires to win 15-2. Vinnie wins the pro nogi division over Xande More results to come! This weekend will be one of the biggest in the sport, as Grappler’s Quest once again takes command of Las Vegas for their 9th GQ West event! It’s promising to be a large show, and OntheMAt will be there will full coverage, plus one of the most comprehensive booths ever set up for this type of event. Come check us out! The GQ will be highlighted by two under 200 pound divisions. one Black Belt BJJ and one no gi. In the no gi division we have the following brackets: Vinicius “PEZAO” de Magalhaes (Gracie Humaita) vs. Marcus “Kiko” Cacella (Rodrigo Medeiros/New Breed) Mike Fowler (Lloyd Irvin/City Boxing) vs. Paulo Guillobel (Machado Jiu Jitsu) Paulo “Junior” Gazze (Huntington Beach BJJ) vs. Tony Eduardo (Charles Gracie BJJ) Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro (Ribeiro Bros.) vs. Sérgio Silva (De La Riva Black Belt) Alternates are Alexander Crispim (Ralph Gracie) and Walter Viscal (Machado) Tough field as always, but with the OTM BJJ player of the year, Xande Riberio in the field we obviously have a clear favorite. The No Gi divisions have not yet been finalized, the most current line up looks like this: 1. Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro (ADCC Vet, 2002 & 2005 GQ Superfight Absolute Champ) 2. Gary Grate (Charles Gracie Academy Reno) 3. Sean Spangler (Cobra Kai – 9-Time Grapplers Quest Champion) 4. Bill “The Grill” Cooper (Paragon/Grappling Impact Japan Champion) 5. Vinicius “PEZAO” de Magalhaes (Gracie Humaita, IBJJF 2005 World Champion) 6. Alexander Crispim (Ralph Gracie Black Belt) 7. Eric Shambari (Cobra Kai – 6-Time GQ-West Champion) 8. TBD AS the fourth place finisher in the ADCC Absolute category here, Xande is probably the favorite again, however look for this line up to modified extensively by the time of the show. Also, the OntheMat booth will host the premier of 101 Submissions Chapter 3. Yes the rumors are true! See you all in Las Vegas!

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