IGJJF Day 2 Results

IGJJF Day 2 Quick Report

Today saw blue, brown and black belts. 14 Blacks belts wound up competing!

In the brown belts Jeff Glover took the under 181 division submitting Jamie Walsh and defeating Chris Liscandrio. The the over division Brandon Vera defeated Asa Fuller in a close match in the first round and a member of the Texas Punishment Crew in the finals.

Black belt match ups.

Frederico Sabbatini, Alan Zebrosky and Johnny Ramirez were a three man bracket.

Frederico Sabbatini submits Alan Zebrosky via armbar.

Johnny Ramirez over Alan Zebrosky by ezekiel choke.

Frederico Sabbatini over Johnny Ramirez by points.

Ica Medina over Gustavo Froez by lapel choke from the back.

In what turned out to be a back and forth war Javi Vazquez defeated Rodrigo Texiera in the match of the day on points 9-5.

Rener Gracie submitted Eduardo (Street Sports) by straight ankle lock.

Ryron Gracie over ???? from Infight by straight armlock from mount.

Afterwards Rener and Ryron began to go at it to the delight of the crowd until Grandfather Helio stepped in and declared both the victors.

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