It’s true: Don Frye on Carson’s Corner! Plus Dave Menne

The rumors are true: this week, the legendary Don Frye steps into Carson’s Pit for the most hilarious and unpredictable interview in Carson’s Corner history! Don lays it on the line and discusses his brutal early fights, his life-changing war with Ken Shamrock, how he almost ended up working for the UFC, his uncensored thoughts on Joe Silva and many more topics. You may be shocked by what Don has to say, but you’ll definitely be entertained!

As if that wasn’t enough, former UFC middleweight champion Dave Menne joins Carson for an in-depth look into his past fights, coaching career, favorite works of literature and personal philosophy! All that in addition to Caron himself breaking down the latest news, rumors and issues from around the fight game. You’d be crazy to miss this one!

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