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Jon Fitch may be the best UFC fighter that you’ve never heard of, sporting a perfect record of 5-0 in the Welterweight division, and moreover is considered by many insiders to be at least top 10 in the weight class. Jon Fitch is a former Purdue Wrestling team captain, four year letter winner, Junior National Indiana Freestyle Team member, Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling champ, MMA Mexico welterweight champion (eight man tourney where Jon stopped three differnt opponents in one night!), Undefeated UFC fighter (5-0). Jon Fitch is always training and looking to improve his skills, and is considered by many to be the most dangerous opponent in the UFC who you’ve never heard of. During the week he will be working not only on his wrestling, but his standup skills, his jiu jitsu, he’s even trying to learn judo! Josn Fitch recently gave a seminar at One World Martial Arts (www.OnWorldMartialArts) in Fremont, CA and he was kind enough to share both a technique with us that he was able to execute in his last two UFC fights. I was really surprised and delighted by the depth of his knowledge and ability to explain the techniques clearly. Fitch clearly favors basic techniques and the little important details which allow him to execute his techniques in real combat situations. We also sat down and talking about the history of his career in wrestling and MMA, his training regiment, his views on the UFC and what his future plans are. Check out the videos! To contact Jon Fitch for a seminar you can get ahold of him through his website at or

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