Juniors are You Dreaming of Becoming a World Champion?

Attention Juniors–Will You Take the U.S. Open Title on Your Way to the Top?There’s only one way to find out…Dear Alan,

For all you sixteen- and seventeen- year-olds craving intense competition, the U.S. Open XI Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament will deliver that and more.

Top-Notch Competition; Referees that Care

You are the next generation of Jiu-Jitsu champions. Come test yourself against the very best in your age group. Fight hard knowing that the referees at the U.S. Open always look out for your safety.

We will have Male and Female, White and Blue Belt Junior Divisions with the following weight categories: Women and Juniors with Gi on

* Rooster Up to 118.0 lbs * Spr Feather Up to 129.0 lbs * Feather Up to 141.0 lbs * Light Up to 152.0 lbs * Middle Up to 163.0 lbs * Light Heavy Up to 174.5 lbs * Heavy Up to 185.5 lbs * Super Heavy Up to 196.5 lbs * Unlimited Over 196.5 lbs

Register online today

Register now, start training, and get ready to become the next U.S. Open Junior Division Champion!


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