Kibun interview with TFA fighters

TFA Fright Night Fight Night is this Friday November 3rd

Visit for card info and tickets!The other day I was in Santa Monica to meet with two fighters who are about to fight for the TFA world title. I was invited out to their gym located in Santa Monica. When I arrived at the Fight Science Gym I was met by their instructor Ian Harris. Ian was about ready to teach a class so this gave me an opportunity to sit in on a class. I always enjoy going to various schools to see different fighters and instructor in action.

The first thing I noticed was the large mat area, enough for 20 or so people to roll on. I watched as Ian taught techniques then showed how to escape or counter the holds. He paid attention to the details while explaining the techniques and made sure that all of the students understood the little details that can make or break a move. I watched as students paired up and started to roll. Each student was willing to help the other out, correcting each others form while Ian walked around and gave personal attention to each student.

After the class I had an opportunity to speak with Chad George. Chad is fighting for the world title in the upcoming TFA fights in LA. Chad was an all American wrestler and is an exciting fighter to watch. Chad is known for putting on a show for the crowd. In the last TFA fight he brought his own rapper who sang his entrance song for him. Chad’s ability to bring the crowd into a fight has caught the eye of sponsors (Psyko Gear), earlier on in his career.

Kibun: Chad we know about your wrestling background but what do you know about your opponent?

Chad: I know he is good wrestler and just got a scholarship to a university out in Riverside. I heard he has a good Jiu-Jitsu game and I feel it will be a good match up.

Kibun: How do you think your training and experience in the ring will help you over come a good wrestler like your opponent?

Chad: I have a good amount of wrestling background and was an all American wrestler. I have been training in Jiu-Jitsu for abut two years and have been taping purple and brown belts. I am training harder for this fight then any other fight in my life. I am training two times a day and I feel my game is all around better then my opponents. I am training to be a world champion and that is what I am going to be.

Kibun: What is your prediction for the fight?

Chad: It is going to be one hell of a fight. Anything can happen in MMA, but as long as I keep with my training, I will bring the belt back to Santa Monica.

While there I spoke with Mozzy Arfa. Mozzy is a professional Thai-boxer who has fought all around the world. Mozzy has an impressive record of 28-0 in Thai boxing. He will make his debut at the TFA fights when he goes for the world title.

Kibun: I understand you just came back from the K-1 qualifications in Las Vegas. How did this go for you?

Mozzy: I won all of my fights and they wanted me to fight in the K-1 tournament but only if I put on more weight. I weigh 185 and they wanted me to move up to 205. I do not feel comfortable at that weight so I decided to switch over to MMA for now.

Kibun: I understand this is going to be your first MMA fight. How does it feel to go for a world title belt so quickly?

Mozzy: I feel great to have this opportunity. One of the fighters was not able to fight and this opportunity arose so I took it. I do not care what type of fight it is I just want to fight. I feel my experience in the ring is going to be a major factor in this fight. Kibun: Everyone knows you are a great striker but your opponent is a ground fighter. How do you see this classic match up going?

Mozzy: It is going to be an interesting fight. I am going to have to keep the fight on my feet and I do not want to be taken down. I want to beat my opponent with my strikes.

Kibun: What is your prediction on the fight?

Mozzy: I hear my opponent likes to go hard at the beginning of the fight and likes to bang a lot. I am going to move around and avoid being taken down and knock him out in the first round.

To learn more about Ian Harris and his gym go to or stop by his gym located inside of Bodies in Motion 12100 Olympic Blvd. W. Los Angeles, Ca.

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