living at connection rio monday 22nd march 2010

We all made goals to train the morning session every other day, as there is less students and more black belts, so with the smell of toasted bread comming from my bulky bunk buddy nev, i wake up make myself some toast and a guranana smoothie and off to training i go. Every body is so much more energetic in the morning except us gringos but we soon liven up wen we get a few black belts mounting us. as training finishes its off to barra beach were we get our tan on, barra is my favorate beach for a few reasons the lack of pollution is the main one and theres little crime and of course every one knows barra women are the hottest in rio, a few of us all splash around and body surf, while the rest lay in the sun getting tanned (not my cuppa tea). We see gordo on the beach chilling with some guys from the acadamy he gives us a cheeky ”oi tudo bem”  and we leave to go home (Connection Rio Head Quarters) a quick stop at the bakery for a coffee before dennis’s class, and we head back . at the house we see the sweeds have been having a day at the waterfalls obviously the bucket prank wernt good enuff. Dennis’s class is full the whole house showed up (pics to follow soon ) and every one has a great session with some side control escapes.

im going to go a little off subject here and talk about the importance of goals:

i am a firm belever in goals, affirmations and possitiveness, i recently shared some affermations with a friend befor he left the house and id be keen to know how hes getting on with them, i userlly change my affirmations once every week , if any one would like to ask more about this i can explain. Goals this week i set my goals of how many times i will train and what id like to achive, dont set your goals to high but dont make them impossible the reason being these goals will feel more rewarding the more difficult they are but if there to high they will fill you with dissapointment if u fail,  i think its important whilst training to use goals if you want to know more about how to do this feel fee to ask,

thanks people mad jack

if it aint mad it aint jack 

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