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MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL, Dec. 9th — The second edition of X-Fight Games held in Sport Clube JF Gymnasium packed the action into the region titled “Zona da Mata Mineira” with 10 fights shared between one Muay Thai competiton and nine MMA fights.The event is organized by Oscar Camorra (Camorra Tenis) and sponsored by Gramcell (Telemig Mobile Affiliated); and had special guests, the former SHOOTO Japan fighter Marcio “Cromado” Barbosa and Brazilian Top Team fighter and Meca FC winner Carlos “Mangueira Clayton”, who were both at the event cornering their respective students.

The Brazilian Top Team fighters Mangueira cornered left the show with two victories in three fights. The Mauricio “Northeast Warrior” Reis mauled Alexandre Lopes and the Greco-Roman wrestler Marcos “Bicudinho” Maciel imposed a TKO over Gabriel Mudo at Round 1. The only Mangueira student who lost was Edson Chulapa. Recently, Chulapa’s fighting career has been living in hell, losing everything – this time against Jiu-Jitsu black-belt Leonardo Florencio. Chulapa started connecting several strikes and nearly scored a KO over Florencio on the feet. A little dizzy, Florencio was an easy target to Chulapa applied a fantastic uchimata, taking the fight down. However, the takedown seemed to be the last display of Chulapa’s stamina, who did not perform like he did in the beginning of the fight. Florencio took advantage of that to sweep and work with punches inside the Chulapa’s guard. The mount position was reached by Florencio, who kept punching until the referee stops the contest at 3:58 of the first stanza.

The pupil of Cromado, James Dynamite (8-1 in MMA) squared off against Evandro Pena in the best match of the night. Pena had only one professional MMA fight on his resume, but even so he inserted his best Jiu-Jitsu technique to overwhelm the MMA veteran, Dynamite. Pena sunk three armbars that nearly broke Dynamite’s arm, who did not tap. Dynamite wanted to keep the pace on the feet, but he was frustrated by Pena, who took the fight down every opportunity that he could. The two first rounds were like that, and in the third, Pena got the mount. After unloading a barrage of bombs, Dynamite turned his back and Pena sunk the Rear Naked Choke to finish the match. MAMUTE of Gracie Barra-BH and Serjo Kamikaze were protagonists of the heavyweight match of the show. Kamikaze was a little better on the feet, so MAMUTE took the fight down and saw his arm being sized by a keylock. Like this happened early on the match, MAMUTE had stamina and strength enough to free his arm of the submission attempt. After that Kamikaze tried to come back to his feet, but MAMUTE was quickest and landed a soccer kick which KO’d Kamikaze in 2:56 of round one. The event organizer, Oscar Camorra, told OTM that the intention of the event is to show that the city of Juiz de Fora, Brazil can be a place where MMA is very well organized and the fighters are really good, so the fans are provided with excellent fights. X-FIGHT GAMES 2 – (December 9, 2006)

Match Winner Loser Method Round Time

1 Mauricio Reis over Alexandre Lopes Submission Round 1, 2:40 2 Leandro Florencio over Edson Chulapa KO Round 1, 3:58 3 Paulo Diniz over Yukio Mano TKO Round 1, 5:00 4 Marcos “Bicudinho” Maciel over Gabriel Mudo TKO Round 1, 3:00 5 Mamute over Serjo Camikaze KO Round 1, 2:56 6 Carlos Santos over Elton Cruz TKO Round 1, 4:23 7 Gamet over Totoe KO Round 1, 0:18 8 Joao Paulo over Valenca KO Round 1, 4:34 9 Evandro Pena over James Dynamite Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 3, 1:29

Muay Thai Match

10 Aldenir Paraiba over Bruce Carvalho KO Round 3, 1:36

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