Lucas Lepri Seminar Review

Fresh off his championship victory at the No-Gi Mundials, multi-time BJJ champ Lucas Lepri graced our academy here at Hollywood BJJ (Team Paragon) to host a fun and exciting seminar that was surely one to remember.

Lucas’s seminar focused on some of his most favorite techniques that have assisted him in achieving world championship status. From his aggressive guard passing style to his infamous deep half guard, Lucas held nothing back, giving everyone  a level up in their game. After the great two hours instruction. Lucas spent the rest of the time rolling with everyone in attendance showcasing not only why he is one of the best lightweights in the world today but also leaving us with an amazing experience.
With the exception of the last minute scheduling changing of the seminar, it was a really good experience. Lucas was a great guy to learn from. He was very helpful with assisting everyone if they had a problem with the move and answering questions about any uncertainty we had about the position that was being taught. In all he is a individual that cares about your growth in the sport.One of the biggest lessons I took away from this seminar is how to effectively pass the guard. properly by using good grips on the lapel and always staying 100 percent active on top.
 In all I give this seminar a 4 out of 5. ( Note: the one less star has nothing to do with Lucas).
Thanks Lucas for the great experience !!!!!


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