I’ve have 100% confirmed the filming of a MAJOR network movie/documentary on women’s MMA for January 12-18 here in Evansville, Indiana. British Broadcasting Company (THE largest TV network in the world) will be filming a full-length documentary on women’s MMA for prime time broadcast. For those who are reading my emails for the first time, this is a monumental step for women’s MMA, especially given the recent developments. Things that have happened have knocked women’s MMA back 3-5 years and these guys are willing to change it for the better. This will not be a typical 5 minute piece on women, this is the real deal! GFIGHT EXPO (sorry didn’t really come up with a name)January 12-18, 2009Training with your peersAmateur event Pro event (featuring 8-woman 115lbs tournament to crown the first gfight champion)FIRST EVER annual women’s awards presentation (Fighter of the Year, Submission OTY, KO OTY, Rookie of the Year, etc.)Photo shoots for publicity shots and Gfight Magazine24 hour training availableMeeting and networking with other women in your sportgrappling tournamentspecial guestsYOU WILL DEVELOPE YOUR OWN REALITY SHOW FOR NEXT YEAR 115LBS TOURNAMENTThis will probably the LAST 8-person tournament in the United States. I have about 15 interested women, PLEASE contact me NOW to be included for consideration. I want this to be an annual event that grows every year. I hope that you find a way to get here! For those women who are coming just as “fans” or just to train. I priced roundtrip tickets and five nights hotel on Priceline for about $550 (that includes FIVE NIGHT hotel stay at a SUITE with laundry/kitchen/cooking arrangements). We’re going to try and make the gym available to stay in as well. Probably using air mattresses. NO MEN WILL BE STAYING THERE AFTER A CERTAIN TIME FRAME! Of course those pro women fighting on the Saturday show will be moved to a hotel the night before for privacy and sleeep. If you know of any vendors or sponsors wishing to help out and make some history, please have them get in contact with me ASAP! Now is the time for all the women to come together and make a big splash. BBC and Minnowfilms are on board with this and I guarantee women’s MMA will be shown in the most positive light possible. Show highlights will also be show on HDNet’s Inside MMA as well as aired regionally here in the midwest. Thanks or reading my ramblings!!!! 115LBS WOMEN…THIS IS YOUR SHOT!! EMAIL ME. Jeff

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