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MARCUS AURELIO: I already knew the re-match against Takanori Gomi would happen. So since that period I kept my training for this title dispute. DM: Did you have any kind of injury during this period of training? MA: No I didn’t. So I could to focus in sharpening my weapons for this fight. DM: But you had a few small old injuries. Are you 100% healed of them? MA: Yes, I’m. Those injuries are part of my past. DM: What kind of lessons did you take from your defeat to Mitsuhiro Ishida in Bushido 11?

MA: The biggest lessons I took was to not duke a opponent anymore and never more step in a ring without 100% of my faculties. If God gives me the Bushido under 73kgs belt, this stuff will be what I’ll follow to keep this belt around my waist. I’ll be 100% prepared for any future contender. DM: You saw that since Ishida stepped in Bushido, he hasn’t lost. Do you think now people already know Ishida is a tough fighter?

MA: No doubts about that, Ishida is a great warrior and he proved that at Bushido. If I take this belt, of course we’ll face each other again, and I hope it happens. DM: Last Bushido we watched fighter who had never fought before in the event. People mentioned a lot about Gil Melendez’s performance. What did you think about these new fighters in Bushido? MA: Bushido is the event where the 73kgs fighters are the toughest ones. Due to this fact I do need to be with all my strength and technique to face them. This is a high level competition and all of the participants of Bushido are fighting to display their best. DM: I’ve a serious issue to ask you. After your victory over Gomi, you talked about Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro and it generated a few exchange of words between you and him via interviews. What can you mention about that episode? MA: That interview was done to me in a moment of pure euphoria. I had beaten the number one ace of Bushido under 73kgs. One of the questions the interviewer asked me was that Shaolin was the best fighter in the world under 73kgs. I don’t agree with this, becausethis category is one of the toughest and all fighters are high level. In my opinion what defines the best is that one who has the belt, in that moment was Gomi, and I put him to sleep. I could’ve a few rough words to answer in that moment. But I want to mention that I think Shaolin did an interview where he talked roughly too. I don’t think people need to give importance to everything. This fight game is a place for rivalries. We Brazilians don’t need those confrontations. He talked about trainings, and of course I remember myself very well of them and I believe he remembers himself very well too. DM: Do you see yourself fighting Shaolin in a near future?

MA: Of course one day we’ll face each other. We’re professional fighters and this would be a good fight. DM: Gomi is the issue now, did you watch his last fight versus David Baron? What did you think about him? MA: I don’t think he changed his game, he kept himself with the same target inside the ring. He looks for the KO all the time. DM: Are you training differently from the first time you two battled? MA: His game is very well known and I’m working over that. I’ve a few ways to take him to my battlefield. But I prefer to comment about that after the fight.

DM: Do Gomi and you’ve the same weight over your shoulders? MA: I think the pressure is with both of us, because this is a title match. But I think I already proved he can be beaten, and now he has to prove he can’t and he needs to knock me down. Once again he’ll face a guy who’ll be ready to fight or die!

DM: How are you working your psychological side?

MA: My teammates give me support I need. People think that here in ATT there’s only tough trainings and anything more. When I step into the ring I’m with my family of American Top Team. Of course I can’t forget God, I know that HE is always protecting me. DM: This Bushido is your 6th title dispute right?

MA: Yes, you’re right. Those were in HooknShoot, AFC, Ring Of Fury, MMA USA and ZST. And thanks to God I came across like the champion in all of them. DM: Can you take a bit of these five experiences to this next one in a biggest event?

MA: Of course, proportionally, each of those disputes were very important for my development like a professional fighter. Those were mountains climbed to reach the highest place. With faith in God and tough work I got to conquer them DM: Thanks for you time Marcus and good luck in 05/11 Bushido belt dispute.

MA: I’d like to say to my fans, friends and parents and that all of you will be on the ring with me when I face Gomi. I’ll hear the voice of each Brazilian who will be rooting for my victory. I’ll give my best to take that belt for my team and my land. Thank you very much to my teammates of American Top Team. Without them I’d not reach what I did nowadays. I love all of you….

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