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Melvin is going to fight Joe Stevenson in the main event for the UFC on Spike television.The other day I caught up with my good friend Melvin Guillard. Melvin is going to fight Joe Stevenson in the main event for the UFC on Spike television. This should be a classic match up of a striker verses ground fighter. Melvin has some of the quickest hands in the sport today Joe has a phenomenal ground game.

Kibun: Melvin everyone is looking forward to the match up of the striker verses the ground fighter. What do you think of this match up?

Melvin: Well Joe has been saying that he wants to punch with me but I know that is a lie. Joe will try to take me to the ground. There is no way he can stand with me in a fight.

Kibun: Knowing that Joe will try to take you to the ground what have you been doing to prepare yourself for this.

Melvin: I have been training in Houston with many fighters including Rico Rodriguez. I have been working on my sprawl and feel that my ground game is good enough that I will be able to get back to my feet and knock Joe out.

Kibun: Do you feel this is the fight that will put you out there as a top name in the business.

Melvin: Yes, I am considered the underdog in this fight. After I beat Joe I want a shot at the title. I am not going to fight no name fighters anymore. I want a title shot and to fight only top contenders.

Kibun: How do you see the outcome of this fight? Melvin: Joe is a tough fighter and anything can happen in a fight. I am going to knock Joe out in the first round. Joe can not strike with me and I will not give him a chance to take me to the ground.

Kibun: Are you going to be in Houston until the fight.

Melvin: Yes I will be training only in Houston until the fight. Right now I am going over to Kentucky to make a guest appearance at a local cage fight but then it is back to Houston to train.

Kibun: God luck with your training and upcoming fight. We all look forward to watching the fight on Spike television.

Melvin: Thank you.

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