MMA and BJJ: Moving Past the Excuses and Getting Fit

Obesity is an ever growing problem in our country. Nearly two thirds of all adults are overweight or obese. In some states, the numbers have reached epic proportions with rates as high as 30 percent of the population. People stay overweight not just because they do not eat right, but because they make excuses for why they don’t eat right or why they don’t exercise. It is time to kill off the excuses that you are making and finally commit to getting fit. Here is how MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can fit into that plan.


Excuse One: Only Fit People Can Exercise


Of all of the silly excuses, this is one of the worst. At Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach, all of the excuses have been heard and this one is very common. If only fit people could exercise, how would any of the overweight people become fit? In truth, anyone at any size can exercise and can do well. They can push their body outside of their comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to get out of breath a little bit. Don’t be afraid to sweat. Your muscles will ache, but they will thank you for it in the long run.


Excuse Two: MMA Is Only for Elite Athletes


To compete, yes, you are right, it is only for elite athletes. But you don’t have to look like an athlete to train like one. You can learn some of the same moves and skills that MMA fighters use whether you have five pounds to lose or 50. The advantage of training in BJJ at Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach is the way that you train. In other styles of martial arts, you might focus on standing techniques or other techniques, but you do so slowly and with only small amounts of effort.

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you are using full power and full speed the whole time. Your training session goes by faster, you burn more calories and you have a much better time in the process.

Excuse Three: I Am Not Coordinated, I Don’t Know What I Am Doing, I Am Afraid


There is an old saying that goes: If you don’t try something you won’t know if you can do it or not. Sure, you might fail, but at least you will know that you can start. You didn’t know how to do a lot of things before you started them, but you tried and you practiced and then you mastered it. It is the same with BJJ. You have to start at the beginning, just like others in the class with you. That is one of the benefits of the group mentality. If you fail, you have other people to clap you on the back and help you get back up. No one is born knowing MMA; everyone has to learn techniques and then practice them to get them right.

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