Owen Gee Kee, Gracie Sydney Sit Through

Movement Monday Advanced Sit Throughs for BJJ

Movement Monday Advanced Sit Throughs for BJJ

Practicing specific movements is a key part of getting good at BJJ.   Drilling is key, so the movements become unconscious, then you become fluid.  Any time you watch of the top guys like Keenan Cornelius, Jeff Glover, Rafeal Lovato, Kron Gracie, or others their moment is very fluid and precise, never sloppy or haphazard.

That should be your goal in BJJ to be fluid and precise, technique over power.  The only way to get that is to practice your movements and drill techniques.

Owen Gee Kee from Gracie Sydney shows us the details he uses in his Advanced Sit Throughs for BJJ.  This is a fundamental Gracie Jiu Jitsu technique and the movement is done at the beginning of every class he teaches.  This movement is used in  many different techniques in BJJ.


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