Mundial Results Saturday

More Mundials News: Absolute Finale set between Roger Gracie and Xande Ribeiro!

Roger submitted all four opponents (including Marcelo Garcia in the semi-finals) and Xande submitted three of four en route to their finale Sunday morning. The biggest upset has to be Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu who submitted Braulio Estima then beat Demian Maia before falling victim to Xande.

This will be the third time this year Roger and Xande have met, the first time in their weight division at the Pan Americans which Xande won on points, but Roger came back to submit Xande to take the absolute title. Roger has been the 2nd place at the Absolute two years ina row, and must definitely be eager to prove something, but Xande must want revenge. This should be an epic showdown tomorrow!

Also, all the black belt divisions are down to the semi finals and we have the following matches to look forward to:


Kenshi Tomari (Brasa) vs. Samuel Braga (Gracie Barra)Rufino Gomes (Brasa) vs. Daniel Otero (Fabrício JJ)Bruno Malfacine (UGF) vs. Felipe Costa (Brasa)Gabriel Moraes (Monteiro JJ) vs. Ivaniel Oliveira (Carioca Team)

Super feather

Bibiano Fernandes vs. David HaderBernardo Pitel vs. Rodrigo RanieriDai Yoshioka vs. Luiz VicenteOseias Costa vs. Carlos Holanda


Márcio Feitosa vs. Antonio JuniorReinaldo Ribeiro vs. Augusto MendesRubens Charles vs. Jonatas GurgelBruno Frazzato vs. Wagner Nascimento


Celso Vinícius (Gracie Barra) vs. Carlos Diego (Oswaldo Alves)Tiago Alves (Barbosa JJ) vs. Adriano Martins (Carioca Team)Rafael Barbosa (BTT) vs. Mario Reis (Gracie Barra)Joao Rangel (Gracie Barra) vs. Claudio Calasans (Oswaldo Alves)


Antonio Sergio Carvalho (Brazilian Fight) vs. André Galvão (Brasa)Eduardo Rios (BTT) vs. Nino Schembri (Chute Boxe)Yan Cabral (Welton Ribeiro) vs. Daniel Moraes (Gracie Humaitá)Murilo Santana (Yamasaki) vs. Marcelo Garcia (Alliance)

Light heavyweight

Tarsis Humphreys vs. Delson Pé de ChumboRomulo Barral vs. Filipe OliveiraBráulio Estima vs. Alexandre de SouzaAlexandre Café vs. Rafael Abi-Riham


Xande Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) vs. Helvécio Neto (De la Riva)Carlos Eduardo (Yamasaki) vs. Leo Dalla (Big Brothers)Luis Roberto Arruda (Yamasaki) vs. Thiago Gaia (DDR)Rodrigo Pinheiro (Gracie Humaitá) vs. Fernando Soluço (Alliance)

Super heavyweight

Roger Gracie vs. Pedro SchmallRodrigo Medeiros vs. Ismael MotaRobert Drysdale vs. Alexandre PereiraRoberto Tozzi vs. Bruno Bastos

Super super heavyweight

Mauro Jorge (BTT) vs. Leo Leite (Brasa)Márcio Corleta (Winner) vs. Luiz Theodoro (BTT)Zé Mario Esfiha (Brasa) vs. Gabriel Napão (Macaco)Adriano Pires (Gracie Barra/Liberi) vs. Lúcio Lagarto (Gracie Barra)


Black:Mike Fowler lost a controversial match to Daniel Moraes when he caught Daniel Moraes in a fully extended armlock, and Daniel slammed his way out of it. Instead of being disqualified, Daniel eventually defeated Fowler.


Elliot Marshall takes third in his weight category.

Paul Schriener takes third in weight category.

Bill Cooper wins two, loses to eventual champion.

Brad Court wins two, loses third.

Chris Moriarty misses his division and is disqualified!

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