Mundials 2006: American Competitor Medalists

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American Medals in the Mundials 2006

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Blue Belt Juvenile Feather Zachery Maxwell Bronze
Son of Steve and DC Maxwell, looks like he’s a chip of the old block!

Blue Belt Female Super Feather Amie Turton Silver

Blue Belt Female Feather Nyjah Easton Bronze

Purple Belt Middle Kron Gracie Gold
The son of Rickson Gracie finishes all of his matches by submission and is awarded his brown belt on the mat.

Purple Belt Female Medium Heavy Katie Wellbacher Bronze
Katie won her division last year at the blue belt level.

Brown Belt Super Feather Luiz Gonzalez Silver
Luiz (aka the Flea) has been one of California’s best kept secrets for years. Now, after numerous injuries, he’s stepped up to the plate on the world stage and we’d like to say we told you so.

Brown Belt Middle Weight Paul Schriener Middle Bronze
Paul goes as “Delicious Bass” on the forums, but is also known “East Side Kook” to his friends. He was also OntheMat’s event photographer, do double kudos for him!

Brown Belt Super Heavy Eliot Marshall Bronze
Eliot is one of America’s top gi grapplers. This is his first appearance on the podium at the worlds, but he has taken first in each of the previous belt levels at the Pan Americans.

Brown Belt Absolute Chris Moriarty

Chris also took third in the absolute at the Copa do Mundo the week before, and absolutely amazing accomplishment and grants him the title of American Competitor of the BJJ World Championships. Too bad he slept through his regular division, who knows what he might have done. Chris also has a talent that would make him very popular on the Howard Stern show, if you see him be sure to ask him to demonstrate it!

Black Belt Super Heavy Robert Drysdale

Robert is an American living and teaching in Brazil, but rumor has it he will be returning stateside at some point. Drysdale definitely considered among the very elite of all BJJ stylists, American or otherwise.

Brown/Black Femal Super Feather Sharon Bonewicz

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