Nathan Mendelsohn’s American BJJ Player Blog: Rivals, Not Enemies:Training with Tanner Rice

Last wednesday I arrived in San Jose for some hard competition training with Caio Terra and was surprised when I walked in the door to see Tanner Rice, the man who had been my opponent in an exciting match at the All Star #2 tournament only three days earlier, on the mat ready to train! immediately a smile spread across my face and we shook hands. I think many on the mat were wondering if it would be an awkward situation for us but for me it wasn’t at all. Here in the United States we need to get the hardest training we possibly can to be able to compete with athletes living and training in Brazil and so anything that makes my training harder is a welcome experience, and Tanner felt the same way. It just goes to show that rivals don’t necessarily have to be enemies. Check out the small clip of us training above! Sorry it’s so short but it was the only clip I could get my hands on.



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