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 Hey guys!!

After spending a couple days training with old friends at GFTeam I have made my way to the house of another old friend in black belt Marcus Antelante here in Tijuca to train with the Soulfighters Team. Marcus has stayed at my house in Santa Cruz many times and this year alone at black belt we have stood together on the podium of two different tournaments, the IBJJF Las Vegas Spring Open and the 6th American Cup. Training here at Soulfighters has been awesome. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to train tonight because I forgot both of my gis in a friends car who lives far away, but on Monday I borrowed a gi and spent four straight hours on the mat at the Soulfighters Delfim training center and then returned tuesday morning for a No Gi session where I trained with many high level competitors including another old friend, Joao Gabriel Rocha. Tomorrow my girlfriend Sarah arrives and we are headed to Ipanema for two weeks for lots of time on the mats and on the beach!

I’ll keep you updated so Stay Tuned!! Osssss

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