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My Next Fight Is Nov. 5th On The Ultimate Fighter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am now training for my next fight, which will take place at the Hard Rock/Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas against hometown boy Kit Cope, who is a Muay Thai World Champion. The fight will be on Saturday, Nov. 5th, for the Ultimate Fighter Season 2 Finale fight card on SpikeTV. For those of you who have asked me about my training, I have been changing many things in my routine to improve my overall skills and to get stronger physically and mentally.

I went to California and trained with people like Frank Trigg and his guys at R1 gym in El Segundo. I also trained at different Brazilian jiu-jitsu gyms in the area to learn a few new tricks and spar with new people. Thanks to Trigg and the guys on the West Coast for helping me out and for the great training! Of course, I am still working with the usual suspects here in Boston. My brother Keith, who is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) blackbelt, along with my boys from Boston BJJ, have been pushing me everyday on the ground and providing new techniques.

My boxing Coach, Peter Welch from The Ultimate Fighter, and Mark “Sityodtong” DellaGrotte have been keeping my striking skills sharp in preparation for this upcoming fight as well. I also had the pleasure and honor of working with Kru Toy, head trainer of the famed Sityodtong Muay Thai camp in Pattaya, Thailand. My strength and conditioning coach has been monitoring my progress and workouts diligently and has been pushing me to my limits. I have been training very efficiently and have seen great progress. I have no doubt that my strength and conditioning will be at its best for this fight.

Recap Of My Fight On Ultimate Fight Night With Alex Karalexis On Aug. 6th ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was very aggressive in this fight and put pressure on Alex from the beginning. I wanted to put on a good show and demonstrate my striking skills in this fight. I surprised Alex with punches, kicks, knees and elbows. I kept him at bay with body kicks and when he went to get close, I secured the thai clinch and worked his body even more with knees. In the middle of the 1st round, Alex took a kick in the liver that almost dropped him and had him hunched over in pain. My game plan was working very well. Although I ate a couple of accidental headbutts which threw me off and I needed to be weary of trading hands with him when we were close. Alex started to come with his own offense with 20 seconds to go, but I had the 1st round under control and in my favor.

In the 2nd round I took him down early, but Alex capitalized on my lack of body control and stood up at the right time. We were back to the feet and Alex started putting the pressure on hard, looking for the big right hand. After backing me up on the fence, Alex threw a flurry of punches that were mainly blocked by my high guard or shell that they use in boxing. I countered his hook with a hook of my own in the form of an elbow. It landed perfectly on his nose and literally split his nose in half, spewing blood all over us. I followed up with two more elbows to the face. He tried valiantly to keep going after me with punches, but the ref stepped in and the doctor checked the cut. It was way too deep and long for Alex to continue. The fight was stopped, giving me the win after the 2nd round.

I congratulate Alex for going toe to toe with me and making it an exciting fight. It takes two to put on a good fight and it was recognized by many as the fight of the night. In fact, SpikeTV did a replay of Ultimate Fight Night and showed our fight as the Main Event, which was a great honor.

New Products To Be Sold Soon At ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Official KenFlo logo t-shirt and the very popular “Vote for KenFlo” ringer t-shirt (as seen in Napoleon Dynamite) have been produced and will be available soon. Due to high demand my MMA/Submission wrestling Instructional DVD is being repackaged and will be ready for distribution. These will all be available soon at, which is also being revamped.

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