OTM Creates Custom Spider Guard Rash Guard

On The Mat (OTM) is one of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gear industry leader isn custom gear. Top athletes from Eddie Bravo to Jeff Glover have had OTM create some of their custom gear for their biggest matches and competitions. They have made a ton of custom Gis, and now with their full dye sublimation technique they have for rash guards, they can make some of the best rash guards on the market which is evident by some of the high profile purchases some of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) communities top coaches have made. One of the most recent custom rash guards to drop is the spider guard rash guard for none other than the Spider Guard master Mauricio “Tinguinha” Mariano.

The full dye sublimation technique allows for up to 256 colors to be infused into a rash guard in one sweep which is a big thing for the durability of the gear. A lot of rash guards you have to worry about cracking or peeling of the decals, but full dye sublimation allows for the ink to be in the fabric which will cut down on that. Also, since it does not rely on so many passes to add the colors in it does not reduce the quality of the fabric itself and will help to make the rash guard itself last for a many years to come. Now, the rash guard itself is insanely amazing looking beyond how well it will hold up to wear and tear.

The front of the rash guard has a spider on it since Tinguinha himself is well known for being a master of the Spider Guard. So, the spider on the front is a no-brainer. That theme is carried through to the rest of the rash guard as both sleeves are adorned with spider webs, and it is a long sleeve piece of gear which means the webs reach the cuffs at the wrist of each sleeve. The back also has the classic Tinguinha BJJ logo with the red triangle and the white T in the middle of the red triangle. This rash guard was so popular at the gym that it sold out in a day and a half on a small batch and are only available via pre-order now.

Tinguinha is a famed black belt that originally came from Brazil training under Carlos Gracie Junior and came to America as part of the original Gracie Barra team. He has also had his own gym since the mid 2000 which has slowly grown in size. In 2010 he made waves as the head instructor for all of the UFC GYMs which was  joint effort between former 24 hour fitness creator and the first brand extension of the ZUFFA owned UFC. That gym itself has grown in size to hundreds of gyms across the nation with TInguinha at the helm of the BJJ part, and now he has his own custom rash guard to sell courtesy of OTM custom gear.

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