OTM MMA Fighter of the Year: Miguel Torres

Photo courtesy of ZuffaOntheMat.com is please to announce our choice for MMA fighter of the year goes to Miguel Angel Torres.

Miguel Torres has perhaps the most impressive record in MMA with a recorded 35-1 (and probably a few fights that are not on the radar). Miguel is the current WEC Bantamweight (135 pound) champion, and he defended his title three times in 2008. Each time against opponents who were “supposed to be Miguel’s biggest challenge yet” and yet each time Miguel handily dispatched them. He has shown that he can beat you with striking or he can beat you with submissions.

Miguel was touted as the next big thing by no less an authority than the late great Carlson Gracie, who took him under his wing and went as far to dare ANY 135 pound fighter to try to beat him. Miguel earned his black belt this past September under Carlson Gracie Jr. We know Miguel has actually competed in gi tournaments such as the Pan Ams in the past.

Can we mention his sweet haircut? Pretty much only Miguel could pull it off. At least that’s what we’re telling him!

So congratulations to Miguel Angel Torres, OTM’s MMA fighter of the year!

You can find out more about Miguel at his academies website http://www.torresmartialarts.com/

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