OTM Submission Grappler of the Year: Jeff Monson

This marks the second time Jeff has won this prestigious title!OTM is pleased to announce our choice for Submission Grappler of the Year goes to Jeff Monson.

Jeff has been a mainstay on the Submission Grappling circuit for years and whatever his schedule happens to entail, he always makes time to get on the mat.

Jeff started off this year defending his title at the Bud Cup in North Carolina and ended it by defending his title at the Fila World Championships in Switzerland.

He also managed a few extra-curricular activities, including a MMA record of 3-1 against some very high profile competition and receiving attention in the mainstream press for his political beliefs.

The OTM tattoo he got over his right shoulder didn’t hurt his chance for the nomination either. 🙂

Previous Submission Grapplers of the Year:

2004: Jeff Monson2005: Roger Gracie2006: Chris Moriarty2007: Xande Ribeiro

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